The $150 RYZEN Desk Mini is HERE….! (ASRock A300 Review)

I took a look late last month at the ASRock Desk mini A310, and although it had some improvements over the previous generation, it still left me wondering…. What if there was a version of this that supported AM4 and more specifically the Ryzen APUs (The 2200 and 2400G chips).
ASRock saw this and answered my prayers with the a300, which can run even a 2400G in this small form factor. Though how does it perform… and can the small form factor handle this potent solution? Let’s put it through the typical Tech YES Paces.

Get the 2400G Here:
Get the Deskmini A300 Here:
Nvme Drive:
So-Dimm DDR4 memory:

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Ralph Gaudio says:

this thing would be an awesome addition to the living room with 4k tv. connect it to my NAS then put on in my man cave with 4k video for days

Slowtones says:

Sodium slots

Wesley Mooney says:

No thanks I would prefer a laptop

Finn Renard says:

Hey, so early there’s only a 360p version 🙂 Great video

Joseph Harris says:

If only we could get this entire package for under US$300. The 2400g costs $150, the a300 costs $150, good ram would run $50-100, and a decent SSD costs about $100-150.

But for that price you can get a monstrous vesa mounted gaming station.

Mjr Burn says:

Add in the little Sybasonic USB DAC/Amp for another $40 US on average and all sound/mic issues would be solved.
Plus it just sounds better than Onboard…
Great little small form factor cheap entry level rig that’s definitely a current gen console killer…

Joynal Miah says:

Gross, no dedicated graphics card.

Hermes David Montes de Oca Segovia says:

so you can put the cooler that comes with the 2400G in that case

Facepalm says:

You can actually take the AMD Shroud off the fan for more clearance. There is still a fan shroud beneath that, it’s just the plastic cover with the AMD logo.

Chris Billingham says:

Seeing this makes me excited for the 3400G or 3600G versions later this year. Can’t buy one now but will probably do so then.

aliakas says:

dont fool by the 150$ , to build a working pc will cost you at least 500$ , so not worth it at all

thegeorgezila says:

And he plays the Pug!!!!

Petar Grujoski says:

damn Aussies are bad at dota

K0Ylive says:

Looks like I can fit it in a ps2 shell.

Sergeant Gunny Gaming says:

Now fit a NVIDIA RTX 2060 in there!

andy lambert says:

Wow! that little thing is impressive !

Ryan Kraidich says:

Hmmm, might need to pick one of those up

FN LN says:

more assrock garbage, no HDMI 2.0

Raven Widow says:

2:55 please tell me the name of the music in the background… It’s killing me.

MU K says:

이거 인텔 버젼에 G4500박아서 쓰고 있는데
좋습니다 스카이레이크i5까지 업글 가능합니다
사이즈도 파워 크기이고 다 좋은데
썬더볼트 단자 따위는 없습니다!!!!!!!흙흙
전용 거치 마운트로 모니터 벽걸이용 구녕에 장착해서 쓰면 공간 활용에 좋습니다

noleftturnunstoned says:

Damn! I just finished my Ryzen APU build with the INWIM Chopin. Could have saved me at least $100.

LT Ang says:

This mini pc is basically using laptop parts (mobo, SO-DIMMs) transplanted into a mini desktop case. Why not just buy a cheap laptop with MX150 or Vega 8, and hook it up to a monitor?

Erik Nelson says:

Does it include the psu and motherboard?

xg4m3CYT says:

How would something like this work for watching 4K movies?
Is it even doable?

FRAG aLOT says:

So these motherboards do not have PCIe slots? So there’s no way to connect a dedicated GPU to them via a PCIe ribbon cable.

jkteddy77 says:

not too bad, but sadly I bet you could build a superior micro-atx system for less still
kinda gotta pay more for the form factor

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