Standing Desk Review: Varidesk Pro Vs. Victor DC350 Sit Stand Desk

This video, features two different standing desks – the Victor DC350 Sit-Stand Desk and the Varidesk Pro 36 Sit to Stand Desk. A clear winner is revealed in this head to head comparison. Be sure to review all your options when considering a standing desk.

Victor DC350 Standing Desk:


MidlifeCrises says:

Thank you for the review. Just starting my research into this product, this was very helpful. Thanks

Denise Redfield says:

Awesome videos comparing the Variedesk and the Ergotron…I was actually sold on the Varidesk and my hubby found this one. Ordered one and can’t wait for it to arrive!! I was actually sold on the idea that the dual monitor feature is part of the Victor versus having to buy an attachment AND the extra “work space” area.

Jennifer Northcutt says:

How much weight can the desk top handle? You make it look easy to make the Victor to go up and down.

Zerbee Business Products says:

Thanks for sharing.

Celestea Deanes says:

is it possible these could be used on the floor? The root of back problems that you seem to address involves spinal compression. If you squat or hunker or sit lotus or cross legged would help

rbsayshi says:

can someone who is 6’6″ use this?

Leland Berg says:

Show me how the monitors can tilt inward towards each other like 80% of the users will want. It doesn’t do that.

only1kakia says:

Hi, can this work in a corner cubicle?

Duff TV says:

Thanks for the great review. I have just scored a Victor 350! Can’t wait for it to arrive

Javier Diaz says:

Great review – I wasn’t even aware of the Victor, but thank to you now I know.

Get Website Built says:

How would this work if I have a 27 in imac?

Laura Gaviola says:

Hi, John… can you compare DC350 to Ergotron Workfit-T

Dustin Terry says:

What size monitors will it support?

PBWeather Pro says:

Question John, what is your height?

Love2FlyKAP says:

How about a comparison to the Winston-E Sit video?

Chris Crews says:

just bought mine! Cant wait for it! I will post some reviews and before and after pictures and videos!

beth rodriguez says:

How easy is it to mount the monitors?  Do most monitors allow the base to come off for installation?  Can you post a video showing us how to do that?

Paul Brower says:

Fantastic product, can’t say enough good things about all I’ve read and seen in your videos and even other independent reviews. As I’ve commented below though, I would love to see a mount that attaches to the two individual mounts that converts into a single-monitor mount as it appears the DC350 could support more weight than DC300 for larger monitors like a large Apple display monitor. This single-use mount could possibly support the weight of a mac screen since 2 24″ monitors is approximately the same weight. Also a mount that acts as a second small table could support a laptop or even sitting screen. Cheers

Keith Win says:

Victor > Varidesk

Fred Prasuhn says:

Suggestions for laptop users with a second monitor? and/or iMac with second monitor?

R G O 2 says:

Thanks for the VERY informative review. I was seriously looking at the other model when I found your video. The biggest point to me is stability. Though I am wondering about the life on the hydraulic piston. How long it will last and if it is easy to replace. I love the built in monitor arm type setup. I usually like to run 2 monitors.

NicholasPOGM says:

What is the max for the dual monitors? I have two 24″ monitors. Will that work?


Thank you!!!

Maria Guzman says:

Can the Victor just hang 1 monitor in the middle?

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