Smallest Desk PC Yet!! – Vector Desk Mini Review

Desk PCs are pretty darn cool – but is the Vector Desk Mini too small to be functional?

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MisterChilli Gaming says:

Mini itx desk pc

Jesse Ω says:

Y u dissin my dad’s Dell

Flassk says:

honestly was gonna be disappointed if you didn’t use an ultra-wide monitor for this one, it’s the perfect candidate, 2 smaller monitors would just be awkward.

Monochromatic Yukari says:

Same size as my current table, actually. Seemslegit.

Conspiracyphreak Phreaka says:

I don’t think ive been in a “studio” apartment that cant handle a desk? lol…woah 500 bucks? there are glass top mounted desks with glass tops and about 8-12 inches of space from glass to bottom, for 125 , id rather get the larger 125$ normal desk and with 25 bucks in parts and some hole cutouts and have money for tools or extra computer parts lol.

Far East Angler says:

I got the full size vector desk- lots of space

Baljeet Bhogal says:

Hi bro. I really liked your video.. But i need your help.. As i want to order this vector desk in India so how is it possible??

F!@#Guilt says:

Should have said “the cherry mx switch on top.” Enthusiast fail.

_!!!ODIN!!!_ says:

i am currently planing a custom loop
is it better to have a 360,60 mm radiator @ push-pull or should i go with a 360,30 mm radiator in pull with a 240,30 mm radiatoe in push ?

Mark Yates says:

Hmm my only gripe with these are the fact you spill your beverage it needs to be sealed airtight. Kinda doubt the manufacturers are doing much for that.

I don’t care for these either for the reasons of it’s just a flat surface with no extension capabilities for added on storage cubbies or drawers or anything to create a great workspace with the tools I may need for web design.

I can have all these ports directly on my chassis. This is not a real need or that practical if you ask me.

Jeremy R says:

Looks like an enormous tower on it’s side….

Mr.NigGuy kappa says:

I am curious if you can do water cooling at the same time with air cooling.. hhmmm ? Pls reply I wanna know

In Cognito says:

see what can happen when sponsors pay for most of it!

TheAutobotPower says:

Does it explodes?

Robbe Michiels says:

Final industrial burn racism vote shape like okay that presidential proper.

Robert Stratford says:

Love how the call $2000 budget!

MoosePlays says:


Karm Esnom says:

i would think you would air pressure test for leaks rig up a T fitting to a T fitting with a 0-5 psi pressure gauge off the side , connect the other end to a valve, air fitting arrangement a Tractor Tire air Valve works well and you can use either a bike pump or a compressor be sure to turn the pressure way down it is how they test gas/water /sewer plumbing lines put 3-4 psi on it go to lunch or better overnight and if it holds it will hold your water. way better than running hardware and having to clean up mess.

grant thompson says:

Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t it essentially etherchannel?

Craig O'Connor says:

which game is that? [ 7:40 ]

RHYS Fagan says:

im in the porcess in building my own desk case and it be a lot better and cheaper than buying a prebuilt one

AnxiousGary says:

Just needs a projector

Rebelz 9083 says:

just made a $500 budget build with a gtx 1080ti bought from ebay, an i7 7700k also bought from ebay, and 16gb off ddr4 2400mhz ram bought from newegg. I think the person who sold me the 1080ti was crazy because he sold it to me for $80.

Wolf Larson says:

This guy has a severe case of butter fingers

Slacklord says:

Sure, I don’t have money to be in a big appartment, but i have money to get a $2000 PC -_-

Garrett M says:

my G610 keyboard is getting cleaned and i have to use my microsoft keyboard that my computer came with
first world problems

will smith says:

You can create a custom mouse pad that would cover the whole desk, then cut out a window view for the inside while keeping the pad area under the keyboard and mouse. I am sure you could get more creative than just that… Also, looked on their website and I can’t find anywhere to buy it. They just say they are looking for distributors to distribute this concept.

bo jackson says:

cant even buy it… oct 29th, 2017

Amer Mohamed says:

yeah like someone will get a pc that is more expensive than 5 months of rent for his studio apartment

Kurt Hansen says:

I’d like to see a review for the Hydra Slim.


Buat malaysia

Randal Lovelace says:

Desktop space could be helped by replacing the glass with something wider (keep it glass, but give yourself 6″ to 10″ on each side).

Ruizon Brutal says:

gostei de teu projeto irmao olha ai o meu tbm

David Stewart says:

Any chance of LTT doing a review on the full-sized Vector desk?
Debating my next build and videos/reviews of the Vector desk are far and few.

donnythedingo says:

I wonder where I can go to make monthly installments?


What a mess!!! , Hate it!

ice bread says:

500 fucking dollars, to forgive flimsyness? Wtf dude

Marc Couture says:

Just put an extended Razer Goliathus mat on the desk and you are good to go, large keyboard and all.

a001tom says:

dude my dell is 10 yaers and it can use the new VR GC so uh but i want to make/buy a new pc soon (when i have the money) also this seems like a pc case with lags….

Birk Aner says:

How much did it All cost?

Firelog2000 says:

What is a budget high end lmao

Daniel Taylor says:


Speedster says:

There desk pc they made was better

Devin R says:

This made me think of something interesting. Instead of using it for a desk maybe mount it on the wall, that way you don’t have to deal with the misfortune of hiding the pc, and you can get a cheapo desk that can be used for whatever you animals use a desk for nowadays.

Kreepy Khaos says:

9:41 ting goes skkkkrrrraaaaaaaaa

Eduardo Sandoval says:

You guys have me on edge, when’s the next PC desk build?

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