Sit Stand Hero Desk Review – I now stand more than I sit!

I’ve been using this sit/stand desk for about 2 weeks, and I find it very useful. I am actually standing now more than sitting! In fact, I stood to edit and upload this video. 🙂

The desk I got:
Health benefits of standing desk:

Web developers spend a lot of time at their desk:
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Robin Gertenbach says:

I have an electric sit stand desk at work. I used to use it alot but whenever I need to concentrate I just prefer to sit and I end up sitting most of the time

Mayank Upadhyay says:

Awesome stuff!

Oasis S. says:

I have a Veridesk. I love it.

Jon L says:

iPad and a Mac yet uses a Pixel. Why is this Stef :/ lol Pixel FTW

Martine Salomon says:

Thanks. I’m seriously thinking of buying this item.
Stefan I was wondering if you could speak about your life living in Montreal as a Web developer?

Sadeeq Aliyu says:

ergonomic desk

Sajad Jalilian says:

very cool desk

Damian Gzik says:

wow, seeing this first time, great one, thanks

Raja Raghav says:

Stef, why don’t you start dev portfolio reviews?

Tech Arachnid says:

Now I just need a chair to stand me up :D. Good point option for your health though.

3polygons says:

Super cool. I’d set my wacom XL (65 cm wide) just in the lower area(old desk), and a huge comfort related problem gone ! 😀

Boun Vilailath says:

The only thing companies send me is SPAM.

Smail says:

This is what I was looking for the last weeks!

John Buchmann says:

My work provides everyone with electric standing desks and it’s great! I leave it standing and never sit…I’m afraid once I sit I won’t feel like standing again. But assuming you have healthy feet, knees, back, etc you really get used to standing all day. Of course you can always sit for lunch if you’re not at your desk.

At home I also have a standing desk but it’s fixed at standing. (Cheap tall desk from Ikea). If I want to sit I just pull up a stool. This is a very cheap alternative to a fancy adjustable desk.

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