Should You Invest In A Standing Desk? – PrimeCables Sit-Stand Dual-Motor Desk Frame Review

Should you get yourself a sit-stand desk?
Is it worth it if you work full time at a desk?
Are there other benefits than standing with a standing desk?
This video should answer all your questions!

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EnJoY My InSec says:

When you don’t care about the desk but you watch because you love the creator and the montage ahah 😀

Myxo14 says:

Came for the cat, stayed for the review!!

Jonathan S says:

Any updates on getting this Sit-Stand Frame in the US?

Ahmad Salom says:

So clean and so nice such an inspiration

Yunis Rajab says:

This got rid of all my doubts. Definitely getting this.

holdened says:

Your video is killer. Great review. One question, I bought the ikea karlby countertop and this sit n stand desk.. Did you have to drill holes into the countertop before hand as a must? Or you can just drive in the screws with a electric screwdrill. Just wondering if the latter method will spoil the wood.

Veller says:

Hello, would you recommend the build of the primecable desk over the build of the anthrodesk? Thanks in advance.

R Alda says:

Hey @minimalistik, I bought this sit stand desk after watching your video and they didn’t give me the touch controller. Instead you get this very cheap looking push button controller. When I contacted customer service they refused to replace it.

Mark says:

Thanks a lot i was planning getting one from ikea but they are so expensive this one is perfect ! Great Video !
From Montréal ! 😉

toluwase Olubode says:

Does this ship to US yet?

Lin Heng says:

So great it is.I found a product that is similar to the up master, but the price is cheaper than other from Amazon. I share the link and hope everyone likes it.

Gordon Zhang says:

i just bought the single motor version with a IKEA linnmon desktop. Did you use the screws provided and screw into the desktop? Or did you create drill holes?

Greg White says:

Ye, and my daddy taught me a few things too, like how to not rip your spine by using somone else’s chair.

Ascendant Nomad says:

Thank you for your review, you absolutely sold me. Cheers!

Nicolas Boulet-Lavoie says:

What about the lamps you’re using ? Any link to buy them ?

DOG :D says:

good video bro!
you got such good vids 😀

Nastronaut says:

not a bad price

Andrew Lu says:

Great video! Very professional!

Ric says:

Great vid which one do you prefer tho? your anthrodesk or this one? stability and build wise?

KomudoDargon YT says:

lmao wqhat did u do to ur frickin cat

holdened says:

Do you prefer your anthrodesk or this? Looking to buy this too.

Pierre-Olivier Morin says:

Hey thanks for the videos, do you prefer your primecables or anthrodesk frame?

holdened says:

Is there a big difference between single and dual motors? It’s like $100 more for a dual motor

RonAliRX says:

whats the length of the actual table that you are using in cm

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