(REVIEW) IKEA Bekant Sit / Standing Desk (REVIEW)

Basically the tiles says it all. IKEA as finally made a SIT / STAND DESK. Yes yes I know about time. I’ve been waiting forever for them to make one.

Here are the links you need 🙂

My Business


LINNMON Table Top I used. (custom drilling needed) $35.99

Table top meant for the desk. (Yes I hate them rounded corners)

MOGO Chair $125

I hope you have enjoyed the video as much as I have 🙂


peggyandpascal says:

David, thanks for the review. A quick question about the high gloss white surface. Does it scratch easily? I like the look but have kids in the house.

Mary-Anne Glynatsis says:

Thanks for the review, I may visit IKEA now 🙂

Bruno Gomes says:

Have your legs broken down yet? I bought a desk last year and am currently on my THIRD set of legs. I don’t think the motor inside the legs are strong enough for this kind of lifting. Each time the legs quit working I have to take it all apart and get a new set from the store near me.

Jus0NE says:

Heya! Great review by the way.. I’ve been looking around for a sit/stand desk, one question what did you do to custom drilling the table? Did you have Ikea do it or did you DIY?

Samuel Wu says:

Did anyone experience the issue where the table stops moving up and down after awhile? Mostly caused by the defective power supply?

Will Nettles says:

Thanks for showing the mechanism. There’s nothing on the Ikea page for this desk on how the mechanism works. The sharp edges of Ikea’s veneer/particle board I find to be a problem and when they ease a corner, it’s functional but not right. I couldn’t live with an Ikea bed, or anything else you might bump a bare toe or shin against. I understand and respect your aesthetic, your place looks great, but look at the undersides of your forearms every now and then, if they ever rest on that edge, you might not even notice it, but it’ll be annoying and uncomfortable once you do notice. (Right now my Jony Ive MacBook Pro edge is ‘cutting’ into my forearms.) Standing it’ll be less likely to happen, but then you have to make sure your wrists are straight or flat. An adjustable height really helps this.
And I hope you keep standing when the ‘experts’ say standing desks burn no more calories, etc… (which is now being reported) than sitting desks. I too prefer to stand.
I might buy the leg hardware, but I think I’ll cut some maple or white oak for the top. I’ve never seen a stool like that. Thanks twice.
(The mechanism stops working. Probably the screw mechanisms are out of alignment, the motor seems underpowered because what it’s moving is causing too much resistance. Take it apart, figure it out, lube it–or take it back. Just don’t burn out the motor.)

CheapSushi says:

How tall are you? Does it feel stable when it’s pretty high up?

beneehall says:

Umm, it’s not a desk. It’s a kitchen table.

Bobby L says:

Thanks for telling us where your taser is. lol.

anonymoss100 says:

desk is very poorly made motors fail on a regular basis and it has a horrible wobble just by typing avoid this desk

N. Shah says:

David, thanks for posting this. I had been using exactly the same type that you were, a fixed standing one from Ikea, for a couple of years. I was at Ikea the other day and was very excited to see finally Ikea version of adjustable one. After seeing our video, I am wondering if I should go for generic tabletop or get the BEKANT for $100 (63″x31″)or use my existing one (about same size. Something think about for a couple of days. Again great video. Very helpful.


Apple lol… NO !!

Cary C says:

Hi David,
Can you tell me about the custom drilling you had to do? I like the Linnmon top as well. Thanks for this review, I enjoyed it!

Shaorune Nautilus says:

In my country the legs cost me. $900. wtf?!?!?!?

esqargon says:

Thank you very much for the review! Finally I found a table that I want.. and will buy soon!

Mustis1524 says:

How big is that monitor? (Just for size reference)

Rinat Saber says:

clean set up thanks for the review looking for one that suits me

Robert Chuang says:

May I buy it in Taiwan IKEA? I can’t find it in our country IKEA.

indigo days says:

I lové the way he says ikea haha

frank bazadier says:

What is the weight capacity?

brydon10 says:

What width is that one?

David Odemchuk says:

cheapsushi, I’m 5′ 10″ and its extremely stable for me.

koloasurf2012 says:

I gave you a thumbs down because the video is all over the place. Made me dizzy!

felix feliz says:

is there any way you can preset a certain height? i would love to be able to click on a button and have the desk raise to a pre-determined height if you know what i mean. same thing when lowering.

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