Ralfi’s Alley – VirPil MONGOOST-50 and Desk Mount Review

Today we will be looking at the VirPil Mongoost-50 throttle and the deskmount.

I go over everything there is to know in order for you to make an informed decision on what you should expect from it.

I really do like it and I highly recommend, but do watch the video in order to have a good idea of all the positives and negatives of it.

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My PC Specs:

GTX 1080ti
Corsair 32GB DDR4
Kraken X62 AIO
Phantek Enthoo Evolv case


Songs used in order:

Chill LoFi Hip-Hop – Golden Hour
Ryan Andersen – Swimming
driver – resort
EVA – The End


Daniel Drake says:

we would love to have you join the official HOTAS/HOSAS/SIMPIT discord server here https://discord.gg/e6XKrbK

R. Invictus says:

Thanx for an honest & after a few weeks of usage, review! (I hate 1:st BS Impressions :-).
The short-comings aren’t justified for that price range IMO.
Especially the short throttle travel, that I noticed 1:st time I saw the throttle, & got it confirmed by you.

Karon says:

Virpil is great.. until you have hardware issues that cannot be fixed by their engineer via teamviewer: I shipped my T-50 base back to them for a problem, I haven’t seen it in more than 3 MONTHS and they can’t give me any timing / ETA for repair and ship back. But hey, my throttle is on its way and I should received it in a few days (what I am supposed to do with it, withouth a stick?)

So, amazing products, just pray your hardware won’t fail. Hopefully it will get better as they finish the lauch and shipment of the new throttle and WarBRD.

SkinnyFlea 262 says:

I think the thrustmaster is better for the price plus it looks better I think.

CQC223 says:

Ralfi. How does this thing do when you’re flying a10c dcs. Does the lack of the slew/ministick and shortage boat switch make it a pain in the ass?

Austin Brickle says:

What did you do to your TDC slew nub on your Warthog throttle at 9:55? Is that something I can buy somewhere or did you make that yourself?

Proximax9 says:

I would use the big red & yellow as emergency jettison

Neil Dobson says:

Thanks Ralfidude ….maybe you could do a video just on everyone’s set ups at home 🙂 shit and giggles…!

Qamarul Hafiz Zainol Abidin says:

~Hey Ralfi..do you hire a hand model for your videos? How to apply?

jsmithnevinsky says:

Lmao, look at those chubby hands

Skybro says:

You could just remove the armrest

Woodman Gaming says:

What does a half ralfidude look like

uriba107 says:

Somewhat off topic… @ralfidude, can you throw a link for your slew mod on the WH?

gtpk35 says:

Looks like great product, but the absence of TDC axis is mind-blowing with $350+ price tag. It’s like building excellent car and then forgetting to put a steering wheel in.

Tactical Panda says:

3:59…that laugh….

Emmerad says:

And I still use the Thrustmaster Hotas X… I have to get something better soon…

Do you use the Steam version of DCS?

komsomolac says:

Are you going to review the new Logitech X56? They seemed to have fixed all of the issues that Saitek had left.

RivalryRUS says:

Looking forward to the stick review

Graf Zahl says:

Are you going to review the matching Virpil flightstick too?

Pixel Dust says:

too. much. money.

Luis Felipy says:

Did you notice any kind of spikes on the axis and rotary’s, Ralfi? Besides the encoders, the other axis are build with hall sensors? Thanks for the review. It worth the wait!


Nice man. Love your vids bro

Danny Price says:

Is this going in your portfolio for a shopping channel host? The shirt and watch combo gave it away 😉

zloychechen5150 says:

Slav squat for the belarussian brothers, blyat.

CQC223 says:

Thrustmaster really needs to up their game and maybe their prices. Anybody whose buying virpil, vkb, warthog is already spending way too much money. $100.00 difference is nothing. That warthog throttle looks like a toy compared the virpil. The vkb TECS if they ever make it looks even better. TM is going to get left in the dust if they’re not careful. Why virpil didn’t put a ministick and physical detent levers/latches is an enigma to me. Why are we making full sim premium sticks for non study level aircraft?

Nightdare says:

I have the Saitek X-55 and it’s quality ís crap (Which is why I ordered a Virpil), but the ergonomics on the throttle aren’t half bad.

Most things can be reached without even taking your hand (completely) off the throttle.
The only issue is the upper right hand toggles (and mostly the ones closest to the grip) being obscured by the throttle in anything but the full forward position.
*(To add: this is where Virpil has its logo, so I actually consider that “empty space” a good thing)*
When flying in VR, these toggles are the only ones that give me trouble (Like a blind man at an orgy, I was gonna have to feel things out), while everything else is almost second nature.

LastGunfighter says:

Ralfi you are an absolute professional…nice work as always sir

TheAirbornePotato says:

3:48 Ralfi has 3 hands?

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