OPEDGE Gaming Desk by OPSEAT – Unboxing + Review!

Thanks to OPSEAT for sending me the OPEDGE Gaming Desk! Fits everything in my stream setup super comfortably, especially for when I have a guest over to play against.

Song in video: In Front of Pacific High School’s Front Gate from Rival Schools

Shoutouts to Spike for the thumbnails!! Check out his twitter here https://twitter.com/PG_Spike


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ShinyThirdDragons says:

First unboxing with Nairo
Then cooking with Nairo LUL

Pottie says:

6:58 look at that poster above the tv…I want that 😮

Corruption says:

Finally, some actual content. Kappa

PK Fire says:

Gaming desk?What the hell

Leon Brennecke says:

I’d really like to have one of these OPSEAT desks….unluckily that I live in europe and that we only have the brands Turismo and Arozzi which sell desks like these ones. But they always have bad reviews because of the delivery and quality. Why is OPSEAT only shipping in america 🙁

Fang Soul says:


Kakes says:

Smash bros on pc? Yeah ok buddy

Victory Beam says:

Nigga, play overwatch dont be a bitch

AverageGamer905 says:

So who’s wants to be first for the blue shell?

Bob Thebuilder says:

Barefoot master race.

TKnight01 says:

I once had a dream that I was running away from a serial killer that was running a hotel, and I stumbled upon Nairo’s house and he let me play a couple games with him, then I had to leave because for some reason he was after me too. Dreams are weird

Ha Kah says:

now we know what your calves look like

Marth Smash ultimate says:

I am ready for smash ultimate just 135 more days

xMysticx says:

Nairo it’s 2018.
Who wears white socks anymore.

B Dizzle says:

All these sock haters in the comments need to grow a pair, respect on protection of your feet indoors man, fresh desk

Nintendroid says:

7:01 HOW DID YOU GET THAT SMASH ULTIMATE PSOTER!!??? (It’s on the right above the TV)

Sanjay Batta says:


Jalalious says:

Great now make a video unboxing Snake ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

dankey kang says:

Hey look, a desk. Wow. Nice. Nice review. I like good desks. yay. Fun.

Just get a nice couch if you want better comfort

T•Toxic says:

Socks indoors? Bro stop, just stop…

Jimmy Myer says:

What’s the length?

LKayde Denver says:

Nice Gaming Desk I wish I can go hangout with you at your house Nairo maybe play Smash bros Ultimate. Nice video. ..

OPSEAT says:

Desk and chair aside…your battlestation is pretty legit

Hakeem says:

Let’s gooo

The Great Oz says:

If you ever streamed PC games on the side I would definitely still watch it.

You’re that entertaining.

Elijah Garcia says:


Nicholus Williams says:

Super smash bros ultimate Rex

Allan Hernandez says:


JosephG70 says:

Nice Desk man! I think it’s pretty cool to see the behind the scenes stuff. Great video!

Fuji Frost says:

At 6:58 how did you get the ultimate mural on your wall, and where can I get one.


why is nairo’s intro so similar to hentai haven?

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