NextDesk Review: Motorized Desk!


Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Life is Good – Dynamic Duo



Lado Zhividze says:

Hey, you forgot to mention that this is a 2400USD desk….

Kitty King says:

Do you wear glasses

Nicholas Lai says:


Nate Kim says:

I saw this in one of Joes vlogs from JKFilms, Brandon Choi has one for his office and now i’m here wanting one!

WorldTeaser Movie says:

what is the name.of that desk.mann

Sean Flac 2.0 says:


Jimmy A says:

stupid plants

Hind KS says:

Am I the only one who cares about the sony? bye bye RX100iv

TechTactics says:

The plant stuff is called ‘Fejka’ from Ikea

Hygiénique Esthétique says:

Very cool!!!!!!!!!

davidcpd says:

Where I can buy the grass, I’m saying seriously.

JJ Thunder says:

Is is guy like a trillionare

Jetropax's School and Office supplies says:

Hey Marques what desktop do you use for youtube?

Hopuxx says:

Dynamic Duo!!!!!!!

Sean Crandell says:

nice reviews…I’ve seen several of your videos.. all nicely done!

mixpar2004 says:

Everybody here is the Almighty Grass!!!!

Michael Xz says:

one major flaw / there’s a crossbar that not only looks ugly but would interfere with your legs probably (at least if you’re taller than average).. I’d get an apex desk. no bar and very sturdy

EDY LIVE says:

Are these helpful? Any longterm users with honest reviews please ?

Tuffale Yasir Mohamed says:

Do you use mac pro or imac 5k for video editing

Mitch Rico says:

The cross guard should not be on the front

Eunice C. China says:

Where do you get your fake grass from?

Trevor J. Mello says:

Cleanest setup ever!!

Harzem Ayna says:

bezel computer is also here the APPLE… BLACK BEZEL COMPUTER

Aimilios Diakakis says:

How called this fake plant on the desk i want it!!!

PluckDaBass says:

So wait…you are ok with the magic mouse now? Is that the NEW magic mouse? Just curious your thoughts.

Pancake Lizard says:

I want that fucking grass!

Solyndros says:

Hope you don’t mind spending well over $1000 on a desk.

Nataly Falk says:

Hey Marques can you or someone give me an idea which desktop computer would be good for me? I will use it for financing and online high school!

Shelby S says:

What’s an affordable standing desk?

james fox says:

love the Content Driven Ad Up Front

Thirty IR says:

is the chair @ 0:49 the Herman Miller Embody?

WorldTeaser Movie says:

wish it available in.Nepal too

Zachary Rogers says:

is the next desk long enough to put four monitors on

Luis A. Martinez says:


单鸿富 says:

I always need a stand to put my surface book on my desktop when I’m writing on it at portrait tablet mode, but I couldn’t find such product, could you please recommend one?

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