New Office Upgrade! StandDesk Pro Review

Time for a new sit/stand desk upgrade!
This video is sponsored by Corsair, check out the new Corsair Void Pro wireless RGB Headset! :

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Cristi says:

Techsource just changed his desk and you do the same now … Copycat??

Papa Phillis says:

1:56 mmmm that chest hair

Number One says:

Liked. Subbed.


4:10 just like my D 😉

Nolan Heistad says:

As a lazy bum (not literally) i would love one of these. I certainly dont get enough bloodflow sitting in fromt of my screen

Like Button X1000 says:

I saw corgi so i click

A n d r e w says:

What’re the specs on that corgi?

Champ says:



*_”I’m getting pretty high” -RandomFrankP_*

Alex Meza says:

Who clicked because of the corgi

Fx Osei says:

I Have True Respect For you Man. #Subscribed

Pro._.Gamr says:

2:19 420 blaze it much?

EradicationX | Today says:

shit dude u kinda look like bob lee swagger

KawaiiFX says:

Came for doggo, stayed for desk.

Darren says:

I was baited by CORGI

Chase Ryan says:

Where is the dam corgi?!

Alfonso De Torres says:

Really pumped for the new Logitech wireless tech, will be following it closely, lets praise for it to be as good and viable as people say.

Jimmy Tries World says:

Standing desks are great, but why are the automatic ones soooo expensive?
-Waiting for balloon powered standing desk.

Daniel Smith says:

I’m a simple man, I see a dog I like

randomfrankp says:

They shot me an email and made a $50 discount for you all! It’s: $50FRANKP$50FRANKP

André Calil says:

“I’m getting pretty high.”. RANDOM, Frank P, 2017.

Emanuel Wecker says:

show me your dog!

Kung Fu Hung-Su says:

Your thumbnail has a corgi. I came for the corgi >:(

Cormac Devaney says:

Doge click bate…

Nichola Berman says:

was I the only one who clicked on this video because of the corgi on the desk?

GeLo Langit says:


Faris Almutairi says:

500$!!!! I’m not gonna pay that for a desk.

StandDesk - Mike M says:

Most affordable and good quality sit to stand desks in the market.

ZE KENZY says:

nice desk

plakofgold says:

only came here for the dog

joris yauw says:

Literally every tech youtuber switched over to a sit stand desk in the past month lol


I’m about to purchase the Uplift 70×30.

StandDesk highest size is only 60×24…

Now comparing the Uplift vs StandDesk which is the better choice overall.


I’m the dog in the thumbnail

AceTredious says:

We dont care about tge desk,we want corgi

Erik Loe says:


chance ツ says:

Dog specs?

John Willson says:

Legend says if ur early he will replie

BigBlock Entertainment says:

How heavy/portable is this desk? Would it even be an option for a mobile DJ to take to gigs and use?

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