New Desk! – AnthroDesk Standing Desk Review

I have a fantastic new standing desk courtesy of (a standing desk company in Canada). After I seriously messed up my back a few weeks ago, I was shopping for a standing desk to replace my current one, and AnthroDesk was kind enough to reach out about sending desk for me to use. So far I’m loving my new desk and wanted to share it with you!

My new desk is the Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk found here:

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Every song here says:

Can you play whit me on Xbox 1 my name on Xbox is KeptQuotient714 pl

Robert's vlog channel says:

I love iiit

Robert's vlog channel says:

Wow oxygene not includedee!!

Paul K says:

That’s a nice set-up. I recommend raising the height of your monitors, either putting them on stands (on on boxes) or getting VESA mounts. Otherwise you’ll hurt your neck looking down at them. Ideally the top of the screen should be level with your eyes.

Sodafied says:

Cat in the background is like
“Why you talking into that camera ya weirdo. That is more attention I could be getting smh”

abigdeliciouspotato says:

What is your cats name?

Baby Ninja34 says:


0623kaboom says:

nice desk …. and yup you sure dont match what i was expecting to see of you ….. just goes to show .. you cant judge what a person looks like by how they sound

Andrew Christiansen says:

Cat in the first min.

Robin Fuller says:


JoDammerung II says:

Yay new desk! I hope it helps a lot. Back pain is no joke.

Eric Rasmussen says:

I hope that you are doing a lot better now with your new desk

Fire says:

Love your ONI vids, watched this to support your channel and the desk vendor. Also, like many other comments, nice to finally put a face to the voice.

Adam Sammy says:

The man behind the mic is revealed…at least for me! Nice job on the vid as always Fox!

Rachel Hummel says:



Thats a nice cat

CrizzBizz says:

You need to get more product sponsors. Get a couple new monitors, those look fairly small for work related things. But love the desk, I need one like this at my office. Have bad back issues as well, but my employer is cheap 🙂

Eric Rasmussen says:

I know how you feel because I hurt my back years ago when I was working at a sawmill by driving a forklift a nd my back hasn’t been the same

Wrangy says:

Oh hai Cryptic!! So good to see the desk in action and hopefully it makes a world of difference for you!!

nick stearns says:

hopefully this can help your back

Ganz says:

3:08 Transition!

April 25th says:

This was really useful for me. Thanks for doing the full walk around on the product. Cause yeah, maybe I should do that…

Android TV Box says:

They say sitting is the new smoking! Great to see you ‘taking a stand’

Juan Castillo says:

What about the Terraria that’s play

สหวัช จองพาณิชย์เจริญ says:

Mr. Fox can you review your fuzzy friends. That cat 🙂

Cue7 says:

Cable management time!

5000 subscribers without any videos says:

Cool desk cool to see u and your cat I hope you can play some more fortnite

(edit) I love you videos

Michael Cruto says:

Looks good! What’s important is that this will help you with your back pain relief!

ailijic says:

Desk height should be so that your arms are level and elbow is at 90 degrees. Then you will probably have to raise the monitors so you are not looking down. I did the standing desk and didn’t raise the monitors, horrible neck pain.

Robert's vlog channel says:

Wow amazing new desk nice choice!!

Lisa Eades says:

You are soooooooooooooooooooooo cute Crypticfox

ailijic says:


M1PAC.PHIL says:

your face matches your voice

ChasseGallerie says:

Pretty nice, seems quite solid. No, GO BACK TO WORK! lol

Varlun Mulland says:

Woaaaaaaah, first time seeing your face

Po Lani says:

Hi, Cryptic! Hi Timber (The Cat)! So fun to get a face video from you… I hope you SING! 😀
This desk looks pretty exciting, fingers crossed it helps you manage your pain and livestreams! (More Livestreams!!!)
Whoa, hey, just saw your shirt! Go Fox!!!
Oooh, that chair…
Lol, I’m used to livestream chats. Can you tell?

AnthroDesk says:


joseph salazar says:

(2 words) Cable management.

Bryce be dank says:

What would you rate the standing desk?

Waggabagaboo says:

I’d love a standing desk but I’m 6’8. It would look a little ridiculous.

Aero Concepts says:

So Glad you got this. Good on Anthrodesk for reaching out to you. Hop it helps. Alot.

Robert's vlog channel says:

Im on holiday and i didnt bring my pc with me so i realllly missed oxygen not included and i still do

Eric Rasmussen says:

every time I go to sleep I wakeup in the middle of the night and it hurts really bad and I hardly can’t move

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