My new favorite desk?? Autonomous SmartDesk 2

Typically Sit-Stand desks are WAY too expensive… but the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 is actually affordable!

Learn more about this desk at –

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MrEggyman99 says:

For those in the UK who like this style of desk, there’s a new company starting up on Tuesday 25th April in the UK called Halberd, who specialise in gaming desks with lots of customisation. They start at around £300ish for their low end non-adjustable desks and go up to massive models with all the bells and whistles and can have built on quad display mounts. (and RGB LED’s 😉

Chris Romberg says:

I like the Ikea model more. But nice vid.

Juan Pistacheoo says:

OG McSkillet has this desk.

Raju123X says:

is autonomous a american company?

Playlets says:

(sitting in a dx racer chair)
man I fucking hate this thing now.

wawnord says:

Now you can build a Deskcomputer

gamer taboo says:

Lol I couldn’t agree more about the racing chair BS. Last year when they really started getting popular and you would see everyone with one I decided to look into them, and good ones cost more than your freakin’ motorized desk there, and cheap ones are still kind of expensive and you know they will be horribly uncomfortable. So I went with a nice, professional and comfortable desk chair. Anyways, nice to see you not just go with everyone else.

ne0n says:

planty ftw.

atom1cs says:

Jay, or if anyone knows, what are those mesh chairs you have in the video at 3:30? (EDIT: Nevermind, you state the name at 6:28)

Escl8ing Gaming says:

What mouse dose jay use

Guilherme Bressan says:

The Sp4zie reference.

RighteousBruce says:

Nice shirt bruh.

Norman Morgan says:

I don’t want a desk, but that bare frame kit intrigues me. I need a reliable mechanism to lift the entry section to my around-the-walls model railroad. I could live with the 42″ minimum length, but I really only need 30″ for the width of an interior door. I would just want a two position switch to have it in either full retract or full extend. I assume the mechanism has limit switches. The ends would be firmly attached to the rest of the benchwork so the height of the table fully retracted is 48″. Fully extended, it looks like anyone 5’10” or less wouldn’t have to duck going under it.

Close Vision says:

love the vids very down to earth, always putting out quality content

Zach Jones says:

I ended up building my own with 4 linear actuators, it’s 90×36 with a monitor shelf as well as some shelves made from some additional material on the bottom held up by .5in pipes

PinFish53 says:

I think it’s time for Jay to just go away and get a real job, You can
find out as much if not more information by just reading the same stuff
he does from other online sources. This channel has become a Joke
channel with little to no useful information, It’s more like just
watching a clown blow his own horn.

gulch1969 says:

It looks like it’s a little un-sturdy side to side and shakes easily (watching the plant shake). I’m in the market for a new desk, but I want one built like a tank. Can you tell me more about the shake side to side when normal gaming or typing please?

MrCombatgiraffe says:


unforgiven says:

70″ x 30″ not available in Canada… why.

kito109654 says:

Sucks that only a couple weeks after the video went live there is no Amazon presence for these products and the price on the manufacturers website has gone up nearly 10%.

Assasin Light says:

I want that chair review Jay!

lkjsfasfafasdfa says:

racing chairs are about the gayest thing I have ever seen. also a car guy who has recaro pole positions in my daily.

Pang Zi says:

Garbage desk. Spent the whole night assembling it, but the controller and keypad cannot work. Have to unassemble and return back. DONNOT buy it. Very disappoint product.

Kcazbarach says:

just curious does the motor make any (even a little) ambient noise when it’s not being used?? I’m assuming it makes noise when in motion.

fcbnic says:

Hey jay, a little tip: put some layers of tape around the pass-through, then it doesnt move so much. Worked for me.
And you make good videos, keep up the good work 🙂 Greetings from Germany

BIll Geo says:

Background look totally fake! I know it’s not, but he could have used a stock photo on a green-screen and look the same! Damn!

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