My 2018 BEAST Gaming Setup / Room Tour!

▽▽▽ Products shown in order ▽▽▽
Camera Gear
• BlackMagic URSA Mini Camera:
• Sigma 18-35 Lens:
• Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
• DJI Osmo:
• Blackmagic Video Assist:
• FalconEyes LED Lights:
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:
• StandDesk:

Desk / Gaming Setup
• LG 34UC98 Monitor:
• Monitor Mounts:
• Corsair K95 Platinum Keyboard:
• Logitech G502 Mouse:
• Extended Mousepad:
• Griffin PowerMate Controller:
• Grace Design M9XX:
• Sennhesier HD58X Headphones:
• Speakers:
• Speaker Mounts:
• Kanto Subwoofer:
• IKEA Countertop:
• Alex Drawers:
• Desk Legs:
• Anker USB Hub:
• Desk Backlighting:
• RGB Light Strip:
• Herman Miller Embody Chair:
• LaMetric Smart Clock:
• Tomons Wooden Desk Lamp:
• Cube Planter:
• Amazon Echo Spot:
• 3D wall decor:
• Custom RFP Sign Vlog:
• LIFX RGB Strip:
• LIFX Bulbs:
• My PC!
• Intel i7-8700K CPU:
• NZXT Kraken X52 AIO:
• TridentZ RGB RAM:
• NZXT Hue+ Lighting:
• Elgato Stream Deck:
• ATH-M50x headphones:
• NZXT Puck:
• Synology DS418Play NAS:

Entertainment Setup
• LG 65″ 4K OLED TV:
• Polk Soundbar:
• Notti Notification Device:
• HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset:


Doge_Space says:

I wish I had that good of the PC

迷失丶 says:

Good money

Inmate_I says:

I feel even poorer than usual.

Sudhanshu Garg says:

Can You give me just a pc that give me 60 fps on Watch dogs 2…or a ps4 pro ???

MoHaMMaD ZARiF RiZwaN says:


homiefromfl says:

Fantastic setup. Loving the minimalist aesthetic.

biTteR_cOoKiE says:

Holy Crap! $200 for that clock!!!

Robert Mitchell says:

“ouch” when the headphones fell

Sacha van der Zwart says:

your rich man

Vv hese says:

great setup although it is very expensive to set this up.But it will be more expensive for updating the products in the near future because electronics gets outdated very fast than anything else.

Lawson Turner says:

Frank, don’t know how on this planet you somehow managed to list everything but the monitor stands. Watched this video again after seeing it in January, just to see what the stands are since I’m finally looking to put together a setup. Didn’t think there would be anything you missed, but you sure did, and it happened to be the one thing I came back for, so could you reply with the link or the name? Thanks. Love the content, keep it up!

JP Hoekstra says:

nice set up you have there

forced positivity says:

Were can you get that background?

LaFlamme Poisson says:

what is “open back” in terms of audio?

Lord Vonnjii says:

lemme buy your house

Savage Landz348 says:

How much does this all cost only the gaming stuff

Mason Negro says:

I wish I could have a setup like that

Games And Auto says:




voshi says:

And in another addition of “Look at how fcking rich I am!”….

2cool0 says:

ok why would anyone get a xbox if they already have a gaming pc? What is the point? it’s literally the same exact games but shittier. Why not get a ps4 because at least you’ll have some nice ps4 exclusives?

Uni Time says:

where yo bed dud

Daniel says:

I almost died when I saw those headphones drop.

Orange Coats says:

You should do a PC giveaway lol

nin3 _ says:

you might have a cool gaming setup, but are you good at gaming tho ? >:D

ogmike says:

damn ive seen a lot of your videos but never saw the negative space in your logo always saw rp only lol, its a really fucking great design actually.

Riyaz Jamal says:

Nice setup. I see the legs are screwed into the Alex drawers, but for the desk are you using anything to secure the table top onto the legs, or did you just place it on top?

Gagandeep Singh says:

Dump your gf buy the Rig

Chandraprakash Dobriyal says:

wow super cool

Ace Chee says:

Why are most of us watching this? We could never afford all of this currently xD

Paulo Riziki says:

You are rich

A Stereotype Guy says:


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