Manual Sit to Standing Desk Review // ft. Ikea Karlby Countertop

Is a Manual Sit to Standing Desk better than an Electronic Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk? Today I’m going to review my Ergotech manual sit to stand desk featuring the Ikea Karlby Countertop.

The question I get asked the most often is “what kind of sit to stand desk are you using?” In mid 2016 I was in the market for a new sit to standing desk, being that I wanted a more ergonomic work space. I also wanted a height adjustable desk so I could lower the desk to height I wanted. I was leaning toward purchasing an electronic sitstand desk such as an UpLift Desk or Varidesk; however, I found a manual (non-motorized) sit to stand desk at a used office furniture sale and settled on that!

Upon buying the desk, I removed the original desktop and replaced it with the Ikea Karlby countertop in walnut. The legs were originally an ugly beige color, so I spray painted them satin black.

The desk I bought is branded as an Ergotech desk, but I can’t find it on the Ergotech website, so I think it might be discontinued.

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Music (used with kind permission) by Andrew Applepie

This entire video was shot on a Panasonic Lumix G7 camera.

Thanks for watching my Manual Sit to Standing Desk Review ft. the Ergotech Sit Stand Desk and Ikea Karlby Countertop


Earl J says:

+Myxo14Gaming Nice find, I’ll have to look at some local used office furniture stores to see if they have anything like this in stock.

MagicMr007 says:

How long is the desk?

Techsauce says:

i think i like this kind more than electric desk. altho having an industrial spring tensioned near my legs makes me nervous. where could i find one of these online?

Dantai says:

That’s super cool, I need to find some a frame like that!

Trey says:

that looks sketchy as fuck

FuckShit says:

Guys – call your local second hand shop and just ask for those desks, especially if they trade office stuff- Got a couple answers in just one hour and my city is not the biggest. Hope this helps

Wandering Wade says:

Great looking desk. Yours seem to be the best solution. Why have unnecessary electronic and a motor that will break down? And the crank is a bad idea. Thanks for the informative video.

damets says:

Great battlestation. What monitor mounts are you using?

VeganGround says:

A desk like that would be perfect for me

rsuplido says:

Trying to look for the stand as well. Closest one I’ve found is this:

A-M says:

That desk looks absolutely perfect for what I need! I wan’t a standing desk, but the motorized ones may fail after some time, and the manual crank’s ruin the desk over time as well, this should be how all manual standing desks are! It’s unfortunate that they don’t sell this desk anymore , it’s exactly what I needed . :'(

CasPeRRiFiC says:

Anyone ever find the frame?

Uncrated Beast says:

I’ve been hunting for a desk like this! Been wanting to use my current desktop since it was custom stained. Was it Ergotech the name?

Nicolas Fernandez says:

This seems awesome, but help me out here; I can’t find a base like this anywhere, or at least not one with a paddle like yours. You mentioned you had a few recommendations in the video, but what are they?

Kootwigs says:

love it share it

Blake Bartley says:

Great video! I might have found a few of these same desks at an office liquidation place nearby and I’m thinking about picking one up. Is your desk and the crank mechanism still holding up alright? It’s just hard to believe this kind of model didn’t make a bigger impact in the sit/stand desk market.

Martin Hujo says:

What was the price of that table ?

Heyy Eclipze says:

Would you recommend the bigger tabletop but with draws for the legs

Amanda says:

Amazing! Perfect set up.Can I ask which size counter top this was? The 74in or the 98in?

DafT says:

I have the same speakers 😀 Had them for years and they’re awesome (despite their power issues, but nothing a good knock or turning on and off doesn’t fix).

Ludd says:

I am buying an Ikea Karlby countertop soon myself for a similar desk setup, love the look of it in nearly all setups. Did you stain your desk or do any type of coloring to it after you received it from Ikea? Or did it come in that nice color?

Victory Smith says:

I’m looking into standup desk options and your video was very helpful.  Thank you!

xrandolphx says:

Nice SKX 😉


man used a dinosaur spine for a chair

Jack Westcott says:

Myxo14, how’s the stability of the desk (front to back, left to right)? Also, what’s to lowest and highest elevation? Tried to gauge from the video but I have no clue how tall you are. thanks.

Jaytionary says:

What length did you get on the Karlby?

scgamerd says:

What is the name of your chair please

blondre3000 says:

That desk is cool but nobody mentioned the $1500 Herman Miller embody chair

Supa says:

Did you use a polyurethane finish on the tabletop? Any before and after pictures?

KR Studio Pro says:

Where can I find a desk like this? I’ve looked everywhere!

m 0 says:

What kind of monitor mounts ?

MarnesaarJ says:

How is this not being publicized more?? Thank you for sharing!

Knate1104 says:

That’s an awesome set up man. Thanks for the review. You have solved my problem!

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