Ikea Workstation Fredde Review | Ikea Computer Desk Workstation | 3 Years Reviews | Not Sponsored

Ikea Workstation Fredde Review | Ikea Computer Desk Workstation | 3 Years Reviews | Not Sponsored

Not Sponsored disclaimer! This is my unbiased Ikea Workstation Fredde Review. This Ikea Computer Desk Workstation Computer was bought with my own money, and this is a post 3 years review after it has been my daily driver for both studies and work. Like with anything it has ups and downs, and this review is based on my personal situation, so do your own research if you are considering buying.

Time Stamps:

00:44 UK: https://goo.gl/4ezU79

00:48 US: https://goo.gl/deoie2

01:24 Check out another YouTuber’s review of the same workstation, I used his thumbnail by accident:
Ikea Fredde Desk Overview

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Taboo Vector says:

i like you taking you’re time explaing things its really informative and nice 🙂

RiversTheName says:

You don’t need 3 fucking monitors plus a laptop then complain about space. You’ve gone full retard

amiibler says:

I’ve had a quick look at the instructions for this desk and it doesn’t seem like you have to put those two little shelves at the bottom in (the ones the printer and PC are on.) Is this accurate?

Japhet Anciado says:

youre awesome

CompleteGta says:

would i be able to fit 3x 24inch monitors or do i need a vesa soulution? Cheers

Sid The Geek says:

Your channel is on fire. it is growing really fast mashaAllah

anon neymous says:

Salam. You need a TKL keyboard to solve your space issue.

Van LaPointe says:

Great review. Very helpful – thanks!

Bennett Rides says:

can i fit 3 monitors (1×24 inch and 2×19 inch)

MAX ._. says:

Hy my pc is turn off when i turn it what is the solution plz

Rhys Mills says:

how much weight can the top shelf hold? Wanting to put a 40in roku tv up top!

Ryan Sullivan says:

I currently have Two 27 inch Monitors. Will they fit in those shelves?

GamerStudietDK says:

Hello , would 3 monitors fit?

Gads of the dark says:

i have it

Serbian Photographer says:

great video

Finraziel says:

Did I misunderstand or did you first say that that you could have mounted the plank the monitors are sitting on higher… And then continued to bash the product because the plank is too low? :S

I am glad you included the measurements, it’s a lot less wide than I thought because IKEA’s website shows the width with those ears attached on the outside… Makes it a lot less attractive unfortunately. I would have also liked to see the height of the actual desk surface though, seems to be a disadvantage of the desk as well that it can’t be adjusted.

Anyway, thanks for the review 🙂

Edit: going by the product photos and assembly manual you can indeed mount the monitor plank higher, so those disadvantages really aren’t fair as it’s just how you decided to mount it.

isocuda says:

Oh man, I’m not sure about this desk after seeing the amount of flex there is when you pretended to smash your fists on the desk.

nih says:

Thanks for the great review, looks like a modular option from IKEA might be the better choice compared to this desk.

Daniel Mackenzie says:

Can those shelves on the outside be adjusted by height?

Antonio says:

Hello! What is the distance between you and the monitors?

Josh Bennett says:

How large are your monitors?

UnKn0wN Memer says:

Hey do think I would be able to fit 3×27 inches monitor?

Josh Bennett says:

Will I be able to fit a 24 inch monitor and 2 x 21.5 inch monitors

crimlegit says:

You just saved me £150 thanks!

daro2096 says:

I had this desk several years ago. It is okay but it is big so don’t recommend it for a small bedroom. Also ideally you need 2 people to build this desk and if you want to move it to another room you may have to take it apart to get it through a door. I forget what the height is between the monitor and top shelf, what is it?

Qalbkash Husain says:


Southern Hemisphere says:

Can it fit a 32″ monitor? I’m looking for a desk to fit my monitor.

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