IKEA SKARSTA Sit Stand Desk Review

There are a couple issues with the IKEA SKARSTA desk that you should know about before you get one yourself.

The IKEA SKARSTA desk is a height adjustable office desk for sitting or standing. The IKEA SKARSTA uses a manual crank to adjust the height but IKEA also offers the BEKANT desk that uses an electronic motor for adjusting the height.

Despite these flaws I’ve identified (issues with wobble, balance, and the crank bar) I still highly recommend you check out this desk since there isn’t any other desk in this price range that offers the same level of functionality.

UPDATE: The updated accessory part that Ikea sent me does NOT help with this problem.

Check out my unboxing and assembly video for the IKEA Skarsta desk here:

If you have any questions about the product. Let me know in the comments.

The IKEA SKARSTA desk currently only comes in white but is available in two different sizes.

IKEA SKARSTA (120cm length version)

IKEA SKARSTA (160cm length version)

IKEA BEKANT Motorized Sit/Stand Desk


don2255 says:

Nice review..Very informative

Red Hood says:

Thanks for this super helpful video!!!

MrApplewine says:

Great for places without electricity! Which I don’t think I’d be in.

b. lee says:

Try a lubricant for your “crank”. I hear that tends to work well.

Rossaldo says:

David, is there any scope to move the legs wider apart? I’m assuming you are restricted due to the nature of the crank! I would love to add a wider tabletop (Karlby Walnut) like in your DIY desk setup. Would this be possible? Thanks and keep up the great videos!

Traggik Death says:

Hook up a power drill to the crank…lazy problem solved lol

Julius Toledo says:

I just appreciate your wide range of reviews and subjects. You give enough information to be biased yet just enough to sway the audience to have a similar opinion or otherwise. You also have a calm voice allowing the observer to comment without missing what is said.

TTamRR says:


crumdoggy says:

Great review.  Thanks for your efforts on this.

Darth Shadilay says:

lol so overpriced i can one of those nice motorized ones for the same price :

Joell Ortiz says:

WTF is this? is this serious? this seems like a joke. This is the saddest desk video ever made its actually depressing it seems IKEA made and edited this video.

WeirdInternetGuy666 says:

so im wondering how far apart ar the legs of this desk? im considering getting one but i have a limited space so knowing this will help my desision of buying one or not
i did cantact ikea avbout it but they did not have a mesurement for my question

David Zhang says:

*I don’t use this desk anymore* I think it’s still a great desk and amazing value but for me adjusting/cranking the desk became a pain especially if you’re switching regularly, where I got to the point of not bothering anymore. I highly recommend an electric one instead if you want to make switching between standing and sitting a daily habit, but if you’re switching less often or your not as lazy as I this desk is a good solution. For me I just switched to an adjustable sitting desk and take more frequent breaks/walks. You can see more about my new Ikea desk here: https://youtu.be/-nQDl7nza9I

Lou says:

Why adjust desk height when you can simply adjust your seat instead…?

dsouzand says:

well done review, BTW have you tried the desks that use a lever instead of a crank? Office star has one but not sure about how much weight it can lift

JeremiahMC100 says:

I recently bought and assembled the SKARSTA desk. I really like it, and I actually don’t have the problem with the crank that you talked about. However, whenever I raise it, the desk makes a loud groaning sound. When I lower it, the rate it descends is uneven, jumpy, and noisy. Anyone else have this problem? I tried putting ptfe lube in the hole that the crankshaft goes into, but it didn’t fix the problem.

Jordan Orelli says:

to your complaints about the crank bar: wd40. all of the problems you mentioned are addressable with a little squirt of wd40.

Alber Makary says:

Grease the crank and you should have no problems pulling it out.

Nutthapon Kornsittikul says:

How tall are you?

Vegetable Police says:

Great review! Was just looking at this desk, but I don’t think I’ll get it due to all the toxic chemicals it’s made from. Wish it was just a wooden table top.

Dywane Wahlberg says:

Dude… stop being stupid. Buy a $1.25 can of lubricant spray and spray the rod. DUH!!!!!

Nick Randhawa says:

dont normally leave comments, but thanks for the review.

whereidgoes says:

Thorough, very well thought-out review. You even showed us the damaged crank bars in the showroom desks.

אלעד פולק says:

Where i can buy this littel”shelf-table” for the table?

qfus bambilshadog says:

question: mine is very noise when moving up/down. Is this common or just mine is broken ?

Brett Wyrick says:

Hey, great review.
Do you think that this desk could be painted?


Kay A says:

How much weight do you have in the back? I was looking to buy a desk like this. I dont plan on having it up too high as i am a shorty. And the stuff i plan to have on it would most likely only weigh less than 20 lbs total. Monitor (15lbs), Phone, Lamp, 2 Speakers, Mouse and Keyboard.

simon007 says:

hey man how long is this table, IKEA says 63, but in this video it doesn’t look that long

Karen L. Baird says:

THANK YOU! I have been looking at this desk/table for months wondering “in real life” how well it would work. You have convinced me–a good deal for the price. Thanks for taking the time to make the video. Much appreciated.

Mathieu Lapointe-Ozturk says:

amazing review! Definitely helped me make an informed decision

Prawesh Gurung says:

@david zhang hi there i have one quick question. Would be able to fit triple 27 ” Monitor with using triple monitor Arm ?
Thank You

captainfreedomcyclist says:

thank you so much for this review.
I noticed IKEA did sell one that had an electric button to move up and down but it was like 600 something before tax.
I will most likely purchase this table

C North says:

I once considered this desk, but honestly, if you spend more, you’ll end up with a desk that lasts a lifetime. The tabletop is made of cheap plywood. The weight causing the whole table top to shift is a no go, because even if you replace the table top, this issue will still exist because it’s the frame itself doing this. I love the crank style, and that’s about all it has going for it since a crank is generally easily repairable and can last a long time. But honestly, I can’t see myself using a desk like this for 10+ years.

If they made the part where you attach the table top thicker and more reinforced, and offered it in a black style color, and sold it without the table top, then they’d have a real winner of a product. I’d gladly get or make my own table top, especially if I knew it was going on something that was going to hold it solid.

cmiller4567 says:

What monitor stands are you using?

Najeeb Badalandabad says:

i currently use this desk

The21tillidie says:

Very good review indeed. thanks

Fir N says:

@David thanks for this review video! Just looking for adjustable desk.

AllWingNut Gaming says:

Do you think the desk would be suitable for gaming? Such as using a mouse and keyboard? I want to buy one but I’m not sure how it would go.. Thanks 🙂

Crated2 says:

An arm and a leg, Hmm… Doesn’t it sound familiar, Edward?

Jesse Mac Dougall says:

great review bro, I appreciate the good and the bad

Matt Kikuchi says:

What keyboard is that at the end segment there that has the num-pad built separately?

RustyHardware says:

I have this desk but some led strips pulled off a little bit of the paint. Does anyone in here have any suggestions on what white paint to use to touch it up?

MsAilove says:

Great review! Thanks for the insight.

gamezplay says:

Discontinued in the UK – maybe due to the issues you mention?

Ch12iSx727 says:

Did you have to screw down the top shelf on your desk? Where exactly did you buy that anyways?

Patrk38 says:

in my model – Crank doesn’t even go through! It’s stuck hanging outside

captainkid1 says:

Thank you for this, was looking at second hand stand desks but they are very expensive and then I found this IKEA desk.
This seems like it is exactly what I would expect from such a cheap desk with the wobble and balance issues. Still thinking of buying it instead of a twice as expensive second hand desk.

dgSolidarity says:

IKEA has now pulled this product, correct? Anyone have any info?
I decided I would buy it today and just wanted to confirm there was
stock at the store I was going to be passing by and found no mention of
it on the site. The URLs in this video’s description are dead.
This is a new-ish product, I’ve gather, so had not though it could be
retired already.

White Kita says:

how much was this desk?

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