IKEA Micke Desk Review

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This is my full review of the Micke desk by IKEA. It is a great desk for small spaces that offers a variety of functions and features. DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!



how tall is it?

brianna Styles says:

How big was the box !? I would like to get this as well but wondering if it would fit in my tiny car

Jamal Green says:

Do you know the width between the legs underneath? (not total width, but where the chair would go?) Thx.

chriskila says:

dude, paint your walls man. 3 of them in white and maybe 1 in olivegreen, black, red or something.

BarknoorZ says:

I’ve been wondering for a long time why some desks have those holes 😛 Nice desk!

Cecilie Meyer says:

How Big is the drawer?(in cm)

Everything YouTube says:

Where to buy chair?

Guac Media says:

Is there a white version

Ram Borbon says:

I just build this desk. Even though this is pain in the butt to build. When you see that your almost complete, it feels like you achieved something. f*** this desk even though it is a good desk.

Une Anomalie says:

How much weight can the drawer carry? I want to be able to put macbook pro (2,54 kg) and accesoires there but if it’s not sturdy enough I won’t risk it.

Naila Karim says:

Hi, is the leg space roomy or is it uncomfortable? 

Marie B. says:

I have this desk. It is awesome! It has a spacious desktop, but it fits into small spaces.

Destructive Sugar Cubes says:

Haha, don’t worry. Ikea’s KNOWN for their unassembled products and complex put-togethers. I know from experience……

Rob Swope says:

I kinda wanna get the corner workstation and the 56 inch version. then put rgb light strips behind them and have that encompass my pc setup

Casey J says:

As previously asked by @ Calvin Label, what is the height from the floor to under the desk / bottom of the drawer where your legs need to go?

MA10Station says:

Does it moves while typing or use the mouse ?

Kristyna Tisdale says:

Just ordered this desk and the side storage unit to go with it. Paid $49 for the desk, $59 for the storage unit ..all together with tax and shipping I paid $150cad. This video got me excited, can’t wait to get it now. Thanks for sharing.

golden games 523 says:

Does the front slide out drawer fit a keyboard

Chloe Watson says:

It looks very simply and it blends in well with your wall and chair 🙂 
Good taste ! 

Brenda's beauty blog says:

am getting this as a vanity in dark brown 🙂

Brisa Perez says:

Is it wobbly?

Micky House says:

Is it small, it looks small because u lowered ur chair very low

Martand Alexander says:

Thanks for making this, great video. Really saved me hassle because this is far too small for what I need and I almost got it. Thanks again, very helpful

Kyle Kuzma says:

Is it stable?

MaXXX1k says:

Thank you for review!

Mike Abell says:

Is the top of this desk glossy? I’m thinking about getting one..

Shahriar Ahmed says:

Can u have a 24 inch tv ps4 and laptop which is 15 inch

Jcs1099 says:

soo cant put a desktop?

ItzFusionHD says:


Lucy Mary says:

Hi, I just spotted this desk on the IKEA website and it says “73×50 cm”, is that the width and height? How can it be 50cm high? Does anyone have the height, width and depth dimensions? Thanks!

Rory Jake Lees says:

Can you fit a 22 inch screen, keyboard and mouse on it?

iDeany1997 says:

Is the desk really only 50cm high?

calvin label says:

Does anyone have the height for under the desk? By that i mean the area where your legs would go.

Morgan Duffy says:

Does it start sagging in the middle?

Tryte says:

Does anyone own the longer 140cm version? I would like to know if that’s sturdy and if it can support a fair amount of weight (2 monitors and a PC). Thanks.

carrie s says:

What are the measurements???

rabidlamb1 says:

Would you happen to know the size of the opening on the one side panel? What is the height of that opening?

Justin xoxox says:

I don’t have an ikea in my area. So the shipping itself cost 3x more than the desk -.-

Nicole Gatewood says:

Can you tell me the dimensions of the inside of the drawer?

xoStylingwithSarah says:

so happy I found ur video! i need that desk 🙂
greattt videoo

crazysanegrrl says:

Thanks I was looking at this and wasnt sure if it was any good 🙂 I’m mving into a really small apartment

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