IKEA Micke Desk Review WHITE Overview and Opinions PC Gaming Set-up

Welcome to the first episode of Jack’s Gadgets in 2016!

I got the Ikea Micke Desk for my Gaming PC and Monitor set up, what do you guys think? For £65 I think it’s pretty great!

Link to the desk:

Link to separator (which is just a cutlery tray):

My PC Rig:
Fractal Design Core 3300 Case: http://amzn.to/1GRPcNj
Asus Maximus Ranger V2: http://amzn.to/1OycUk6
EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750w: http://amzn.to/1GRPeop
Nvidia GTX 980 Reference: http://amzn.to/1PwGTaM
Corsair H80i: http://amzn.to/1OycXMQ
Kingston Hyper X Ram: http://amzn.to/1Oyd4rQ
Corsair Force LS 120GB SSD: http://amzn.to/1Oyd37k
WD 1TB Blue Drive: http://amzn.to/1PwGXHw
Roccat Kone XTD mouse: http://amzn.to/115SshE
BenQ GW2765HT LED IPS 27 IPS: http://amzn.to/1OycLgN


Akhtar Mohammed says:

dis guy looks like buff zayne malik also gd vid bruh

Matt Agab says:

Does this desk wobble or is it very sturdy?

Dominic Boros says:

Thx for your review!

Josh TechGamer says:

great pc set up man ill sub you great video

EthanGamerKingz says:

would a 34 curved monitor and a mid itx pc fit?

Thundrax says:

usually for gaming you maneuver the mouse pretty hard for slow sensitivity and typing fast. How was it? is it sturdy? Please let me know urgently. I want to buy this desk 🙂 Thanks man.

patrick houghton says:

I’m might get the £60 version of this to hide my PC then just wall mount my monitor for more space

J O E says:

im thinking of buying this desk and i wanted to know if its possible to clamp a monitor arm to the back of the desk so that i have extra space

MrOldestPerson says:

i was thinking of placing my pc tower on this table. Is it possible? Thanks!

Runescape Murz says:

Hey man so you can hide cables under the desk?

Makeupby Nayeli says:

when u ordered the desk did everything come with it to make it?

Dave Naugler says:

That’s a sick Iron Man poster. Where did you get that?

EthanGamerKingz says:

can it hold a mid itx pc?

Dragoon Z says:

strap a leg weight under it problem solved XD

SavedBy says:

I got the same one. Is it a good idea that i have my pc tower on the desk though?

Ultimat3 SonicFan says:

Can you use a monitor arm on this table?

Yatin Alkatiri says:

142cm length is more than enough for single monitor setup, but depth is 50cm?
boiii that was small pit af

Keyser Reveal says:

nice setup.

Marl Senin says:

Please help me, is this able to withstand a laptop, a monitor/32inch tv and a ps4?

Harneet Dhillon says:

Hey jack! I have a question. I’m a console gamer with a single monitor and I was planning on connecting my laptop to my monitor and making it like a desktop. Would you recommend this table for me?

Some Guy says:

It’s pronounced “Mick” i think

KyroAdve says:

will this fit 3 21.5 inch monitors?

Nathan smith says:

getting this desk thanks for the video

Safiya Oni says:

Whoa he looks like Zayn Malik.

Soul_of_a_samurai says:

This video is almost a year old, I don’t know if you still have this desk. I was wondering your long term opinion on the desk?

JayTech says:

how much clearance do u get for legspace between ur PC and the invisible window thing lol

Jupiter Eye says:

Too small overall. I don’t understand why they make these compact solutions as if no one buys comfortable stuff.

ButchyBabes says:

As far as review videos go, this was really useful. Thanks!

Isaac Saldivar says:

I am interested in this desk can you mount a scissor arm for a microphone

Ad_an_ Agu_irr_e says:

Everybody is so nice here its strange for the internet.

Alex Morgan says:

Is it glossy?

PogoLeader says:

Can this desk hold my 27 inch monitor and the pc because I don’t want to put my pc on the ground. And will it take up the space of the entire desk when the monitor and pc on top?

shhhout says:

he looks like jon snow

Latios says:

Can u put a pc on the sides?

IBhopToSchool League sucks says:

Hey is this micke desk good enough for a mini itx pc,1 monitor, keyboard, and mice.

Serge Adalian says:

i love the desk but its a little small for me i have 2 desks cause i have a pretty big pc and 2 24 inch moniters i use the micke for my mac but all my cables run throue the desk so overall i will give it a 8/10

Harneet Dhillon says:

I have a 24 inch Benq monitor

GummiesPlayz says:

hi will this desk fit 2 24 inch monitors monitors

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