Ikea Linnmon Desktop with Jarvis Sit Stand Desk Review

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Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk Legs: http://amzn.to/2bMeYF2
Balt Cable Management Tray: http://amzn.to/2bMf9QE
OmniMount Neoprene Cable Management: http://amzn.to/2bfuM4H
IKEA Linnmon 6.5’ wide top: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80251358/
IKEA Linnmon: http://amzn.to/2dJ0NlS
Hitachi Cordless Impact Driver: http://amzn.to/2bF6q5A

Music by Path: https://soundcloud.com/p-a-t-h/flames


Edward Dench says:

StandDesk doesn’t require holding down the memory preset, but it’s a bit more expensive. Buying from Amazon certainly gets you the Jarvis quicker and also enables some hacks to get it cheaper too. e.g., bitcoin discount via PurseIO, or good rebates via Chase Ink (5x on Amazon GCs @office stores). I’d say you could get the frame down to $400 (and still get the programmable memory set). In my case, I already have a cheap, old Ikea desk that can be sacrificed for it’s top. That’s darn good. For cheap/quick, it’s pretty unbeatable, though “Autonomous” desk might be able to do it. In my case, I went with Stand Desk for a mid-range solution, but if I were going cheaper, I’d do Jarvis; and if I were going higher end, I’d also buy a Jarvis — except decked out with a RocketMission tabletop (with shelves) and lots of accessories from fully.us

Ted Cybulski says:

Nice video. Since the Linnmon tops have cardboard cores, did you do anything beyond just screwing the frame on? How is it holding up?

Ben Wilson says:

Good review, should help me save a couple hundred dollars when I build my s/s desk

Evan Rowley says:

Thumbs up for great choice in music

Paul Russo says:

Thanks for your laptop password.

Karim Jovian Plays says:

Amazing review and vid. Thank you so much

Evolve816 says:

This review and another sold me. I just got mine! It came in the mail yesterday. I’m pairing it with the ikea Karlby kitchen counter top (74inch) today. This was expensive to me, and I wonder how it compares to the smart desk by autonnomous which is a lil cheaper by about $100, however the weight capacity is about 50lbs less.

Joe Romano says:

Gary – great video. I’m a bit concerned about the depth of the Linnmon as a top and hope you can weigh in from experience. I’m planning on an imac and/or monitors on the table. If you were using it in that way do you think the Linnmon’s 23″ depth would prove too narrow with keyboard etc. Thanks.

Quinton Cables says:

Great video, and great idea! I will be purchasing this as it will clearly be better than the ikea bekant sit/stand desk (that i was originally going to get) yet it is the same price! Subscribed!

Gerard Lunow says:

A great review that matters. Thank you!!

Lei Chen says:

so far the best review for sit-standing desks.

Nick Tubach says:

Excellent review. Would like to hear your take on monitor arm options and PC mounting options. I have two 27″ Apple thunderbolt displays, a 34″ acer monitor and a MacBook pro I want to mount, as well as a PC box to hang underneath.

KH B says:

Did the linnmon top came with pre-drilled holes ? Or you just take the screws and drill them straight to the desk? I want to make the purchase this week but I’m not sure if that the right way to do it.

Thank you.

TIM YG says:

Great video!

J.Lee. V says:

Hi Gary,

I eventually replicated your linnmon / fully set up at home. Living in canada, and after shipping and tax, total was $724.50. This was one of the greatest investments i’ve made for my home office. Owning the setup, I agree with all of your points stated in this vid. My only qualm is that the quality of the Linnmon table is so cheap that my chair swiveling into the corners have already made some dents, but nothing i can’t deal with.

Thanks again for making this video!

Bruce Wang says:

Im about to buy one right nowwww!

Crusty Tackleford says:

4:51 Please don’t ever sit like this again. Thanks

Fire says:

Did it come with the screws?

Quemado says:

Great review!

Justin Biggs says:

Thanks for taking the time to make a thorough video. Although I’m not going with the standing part yet, I did just snag a few linnmon tops to make a large desk. In reference to the cable management tray (which I really like yours and going to grab a couple), how did you mount it into the desk with the honeycomb area being present?

D.O.N MUZIC says:

Great review Thank you

KH B says:

Thanks for the video. It was informative and awesome. My question is, Will the Jarvis desk reach a height of 6″3′ man to work comfortably?
Thank You.

tenaciousdnk1 says:

Very comprehensive review. Thank you, sir!

C North says:

The difference between the uplift and jarvis legs is that they’re simply reversed. The telescoping part is just that, telescoping. It has nothing to do with stability, and the thinnest part of the leg is what actually houses the mechanism that supports the desk. The rest of the leg is just cosmetic. But here’s one thing about the uplift: Since it’s essentially upside down, there is no chance for dust and moisture to fall into and collect in the leg.

I’m not sure about the Jarvis, but I do know that the uplifts top is 100% solid bamboo, and it’s 30% thicker.

E B says:

I’m seeing this model going for ~$395 on the site with the bamboo top. Is there a reason people are buying just the legs on Amazon for ~$445?

TragestyX says:

Too bad I can’t use my Bekant corner desk with this frame.

Advent Seph says:

please use audacity compressor on your audio next time, wayy too much pop and bass

Mzaphod Bibl says:

How can something simple like that cost €400+?
Compare this to any electrical component used if desktop pc and think how much engeneering and brain power goes into pc part vs these table legs.
And guys, I do know possible answers to my question so don’t give me any.
It’s rhetorical one.. I don’t know if it’s capitalism that’s corrupt or just greed or whatever but “things” make less and less sense to me..

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