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Hello! I got an IKEA Linnmon and it’s really wobbly!how can I fix this? please help!

PandalGaming says:

Does that pole get in the way?

Lyanna Mormont 2016 says:

Your desk is missing a fire extinguisher for when that PC sitting on the carpet overheats.

That is literally one of the first things they tell you not to do with a PC tower, you must enjoy living on the edge. LOL

Tech4YourNeeds says:

What is size is the table?

Davy Spears says:

Can you have sex on this desk

Hamza Pavlovic says:

Which monitors are those?

EehKayBee says:

Would it be possible to fit 3X 24″ inch monitors on a desk that is 150x75cm?

Game Tech says:

Nice video i really like that desk and i like your channel man keep doing the great work !

Liudmila Liudmila says:

Do u like this desk? are u recomended to buy it?

Gera Pimenov says:

Are these linnmons reflective/glossy? I want to buy one and I want to make sure it has that smooth laquer finish.

UpperRobin29 says:

Why do you keep your stickers on your monitors?

Ghostpro353 says:

is this the 59 inch and dose the leg in the middle come with it or do i need to add that?

AAGamer says:

is your monitor mount a clamp one? if so, has the desk bent or warped or anything because of the monitors?

Ayoola Abimbola says:

Hi! what monitor arms/stands do you have? thanks

Waterpanties says:


Blood Dragon says:

I have the ikea desk thats 150 cm in length. Would I be able to fit two 24 inch monitors and audio monitors on it?

hvdind says:

is the desk top secured ontop of the Alex drawers by a bolt or anything or is it just floating on top unsecured?

imClutchs says:

does anyone know if there is a space on the desk for a desk mic boom arm ?

Jonathan Davidson says:

I love the fact that he just described the desk but didnt really give his opinion, pros, cons or even how he assembly felt.

My question about these desks are: Where are the predrilled holes in the table?

JD Guts says:

My floors are uneven fuck

Nykia Fluellen says:


Byredyre™ says:

Are those drawers removeable cus i am thinking about buying this Desk and have my PC inside one of the drawer unit

PronounceHuynh says:

Are you still using this desk with the monitor arm and has there been any sign of bending or stress due to the monitor arm you are using?

R Carter says:

Nice desk, but why computer on carpet? going to clog your system up with all sorts of dust and junk

Marauder Shields says:

kid, next time show the WHOLE desk in one frame ffs.

Him says:

Do you have to have that support leg??

Isamar D.C says:

I think is perfect for my vanity!! Thank you ! 🙂

Justin Jones says:

Hello i was wondering if there was a ikea link to us? this one is in euros. thanks!

Paul Trigger says:

i have a very similar setup although i got the 59inx30in linnmon for the main desk, it’s a little shorter but the extra wideness is important.

doekkn eike says:

reicht die tisch Höhe von 70cm??

Mr. Krabs says:

how stable is that desk? Like if I were to move my hand rapidly with the mouse would the desk wobble?

MotionsRS says:

have you glued or drilled the table top to the alex draw unit?

Connor Eberhard says:

Thanks I have been looking for a good desk that is long enough to suit me. Haven’t found any good desks tell know thanks 😀

AnimeExorcist says:

Does the top have a glossy finish?

dustin reynolds says:

rip pc on floor

NOEQUALibrium says:

Quick question. Can you measure how in the center leg is from the back of the desk? I bought a different table and want to make sure the distance is the same. Thank you.

Madsss says:

Ok, so I’ve been looking for a new desk and i have a laptop setup and my desk isnt wide enough to fit my setup. I have a 15.6 in laptop with a razer blackwidow x te and a mouse. I need a wide desk and i wanna know from someone that has it if you think it could fit a setup like mine.
Thanks 😀

Daniel May says:

Can I ask you a question? The desk top itself doesn’t weigh much I’ve noticed so can’t be one solid piece of wood. I need to build a shelf to go under the desk to suspend a bluray player and freeview receiver. I’m worried if I drill into the underside of this desk I’ll be drilling into a hollow cavity. Can anyone clarify if the desk top is solid enough to hold quite a lot of weight?

Madmitchell34 says:

What length is it

Kika Intros says:

Guys I’m thinking about buying this desk at ikea. I just want to know if the middle leg for support annoys you/ hits your leg when you sit in your chair at the middle. I know you need the support in the middle but still does it annoy you? Please help me. Thanks.

Leetu says:

That leg in the middle is kind of a boner killer. Will it work without the leg?

Brennan Cooper says:

Nice setup man. I will be uploading a setup video if you wanna see it check out my channel.

NRV says:

200×60 ????

LDOhd Revolv says:

Hey what monitor stand do u use? I have the same monitor and I might get another

Tyler_rocks123 says:

those are some tight monitors

memeboydogetroll says:

does the leg in the middle do a good job with keeping the desk straight? I’ve seen a lot of people with desks like this where they had some massive bowing

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