I hope you liked this detailed review of my new white IKEA desk! If you are in the market for a new desk, let me know if you are considering this one or any of the other ones I mentioned! Here are the links to the desks I mentioned!

MY DESK! KLIMPEN: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S49062421/

HEMNES: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70245725/

LIATORP: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80269419/#/30103676

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Charlotte T. says:

I actually have the Hemnes desk and I’m glad you didn’t get it because the quality of it is terrible. You can scratch holes in it with just your finger nails..


love how everything is organized, very pretty

Laynie212 says:

i love you and joshua! you guys should consider having a vlog channel!!

Sofia R says:

Hello can you tell me what is the depth measurement of the smaller drawers? The first three drawers

Valerie Escatel says:

I just bought that desk yesterday!!!!! I’m so excited

Elena Zainea says:

love it

Terry Coleman says:

love ikea products very cute set up tfs doll ♡

Carmen Martinez says:

Looks very chic! I love the desk! I did something similar for my desk in my office with IKEA products.

Moe Ali says:

You look like Alessia Cara

Elena Zainea says:


Elizabeth Jack says:

My pleasure

Nicole V says:

can you change out the hardware on the drawer units?

Flower Galagarza says:

I love your style so much.

Katie Boxall says:

the desk you got was the bigger size. there are 2 sizes, you must have only seen the smaller one online. x

Lisa says:

Is this desk front finished? I’m not wanting to face the wall. Thanks!

jubsmama says:

“I’m not really doing much” lol awesome. cute white board too, where did you find that?

Elizabeth Jack says:

Hi Sweetie very very beautiful and great job God bless

Kelle Cruz says:

Great video! Do you know if the bottom drawer accommodates hanging files?

Marysol Castellanos says:

congrats on 10k

Tina T. says:

Beautiful 🙂 Enjoyed the video, yes please do updated office tour

Bibi Majeed says:

I think the destruction is stunning and very classy. it’s nice you have a handy husbsnd. Good luck in your home office. it looks very stylish. simple and elegant.

Melissa Emily says:

I definitely recommend getting the glass top I have the Liatorp for a couple years now and Ikea Furniture gets scratched up pretty easily I wish I had got it when I first purchased my desk since I don’t have an ikea anywhere near me. *Ps. The Nate Burkus Clock is Everything, I love it!!

Dcor And Style By Tamika B. says:

Love It!

chrysalisrose says:

love this tour. im a new sub and addicted to ur channel. i want to buy this desk!! but i have a question about the drawers. the table top seems to stick out a bit can u have it so that the file cabinet comes closer to the front when putting this together? seems like it wouldnt be as functional like u have to peek into the top drawer to get to the back or is the back of the draWer accessible? would really appreciate a response! thanks so much!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Doranna Lewis says:

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

XOMsStephanie XO says:

Love the way you have that set up

Cathy Lepine says:

You might have said this before but I am wondering what you and Josh do for work?

Sinead Hickey says:


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