IKEA Bekant 63″ Desk Review with Alex Drawers for a Gaming Setup

In this video we will be looking at the 63″ variation of the IKEA Bekant Desk combined with a set of Alex Drawers and how it could look in your home gaming setup. Links to both products below:

Bekant, Black 63″: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S79022792/#/S49022798

Alex Drawers, Black: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10192824/#/40342285


sirieous says:

Dude this helped so much. I wasn’t even considering it til I randomly bumped into this review. It was a lot of help and completely changed my mind. Thank you <3

Soda says:

Nice video, dude. I’m glad I stumbled upon this one. Pretty nice setup too, very simplistic.

Brett P says:

A proper desk review, well done. I’m updating mine, toss up between this Bekant or get the Gerton table top, stain it and throw some height adjustable legs on it. After this, leaning to bekant. Great video.

Ann Coughlan says:

Thank you for this review. I’m currently considering this desk so this was helpful. If it isn’t too much trouble, I’d like to know the distance between the legs. It looks as if they are situated quite a distance from the edges of the desk which would reduce the space available under the desk (e.g. to put drawers inside leg). Many thanks.

Michael Wunderstahl says:

Schönes tisch wird heute gleich gekauft fur gaming room 🙂

D3CHO says:

Great review, question on the sturdiness of the desk. could you confidently hold your tower on the desk along with everything else you have on it?

LittleBigTube10 says:

Such a wholesome and genuine video. YouTube needs more people like you!

rikoch3yedofftarget says:

Thanks for the neat review! I had to ask, since it’s manual, how difficult is it to get it higher? Do you have to remove any/all of the stuff on it first? Thank you for your time!

Bubbles says:

Nice video! Im gonna buy it this week and i just dont know if i should put my pc on the desk, it looks good but less clean/organised, i dont know man cause it looks clean on your desk having not much on it.

du Bb says:

i wish it was longer

SniperQ8e says:


Kitxunei says:

Great review thanks 🙂 Thinking about getting the Bekant corner desk version.

MrJewelicious says:

I have the same desk and i love it. I wish there is a lower drawer from ikea as i setup the height of my desk to the lowest coz i’m small. (5’5”)

Full Playthroughs says:

Exactly what I needed, thanks man.

Irfan Syahmi says:

How’s the wobble? Heard some people complaining about it on reddit.

Benjamin Lapham says:

I’ve been thinking of getting this desk. This video helped confirm my decision. Thanks.

LinkLeoSF says:

For someone with 20 subs, this is one hell of a desk review. Helped me make up my mind, thanks dude, well done.

grayson says:

thanks for the comprehensive review ! your a good man

Wojtek rabarbar says:

great video

Akio_Kenji Ent says:

Great review! Helped me finalize my choice of desk.

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