IKEA 63″ Bekant Desk Setup | Unbox and Assembly

This is me reviewing, unboxing, and assembling this IKEA bekant desk


Tecnologia says:

So. Fucking. Hot.

PJH Productions says:

Bull in a china shop lol.
Great video man.

robertchristi40 says:

Great video bearded one…cant believe you farted like that tho…lol

Light Gaming Channel says:

How long did it actually take you to do all this? i’m getting this desk i got curious

monkeh88 says:

omg hahahhahahahhahha thats it guys give it a like hope you like the video roflll

MrMadeinthe80s says:

“I’ll assemble it on the cardboard. Will keep the mess to a minimum.” *proceeds to throw packing/paper across the room lol

Daniel Hojland says:

oohh that looks rly easy 😀

mary mulligan says:

Just ordered one of these and an Alex desk to go with it, for my son, for Christmas …. Man I am not looking forward to putting it together… It will probably take me hours….

The Sage Universe says:

Thank you.

Idriss Chebak says:

hi man! did it wobble a bit? mine’s wobbling like crazy :/

anast dime says:

Man watching you throwing the parts on the flower made me nervous!

Ramón M says:

Thanks. It clarifies things.

1SaG says:

Nice video… (*buuurp!*) …however: I just checked the table at my local Ikea and it was, as I suspected, way too flimsy. I sat down in the office chair next to it and gently pulled myself towards the desk and that made the whole thing shake like an alcoholic before his first morning-shot of booze. The fake monitor on the desk even hit the wall behind it once or twice from the vibration. Too bad, cause I really liked this desk, but since I’ll be fixing a FF wheel to it, I can’t have a shaky desk. The good news (well, halfway good news) is, that the electrically adjustable version of the desk is *much* more solid than the regular one. However: That one is also more than double the price. I looked underneath both of them and the electric one has a much more sturdy/substantial looking metal frame underneath – so, small wonder where the added stability (and price) come from.

Alex Currie says:

Hilarious man good job haha

K I says:

Thanks so much! Didn’t know what was up with the plastic screws. I actually pushed them down with my foot (in a shoe) and it was easy that way.

Gluca gg says:

lol 😀

ONNIT Portland says:

2:23 turn up vol. & you won’t be disappointed.

CoLew says:

2:24 was the fart :’D

Limitless 1 says:

It can hold a lot of weight ….!!!

Alim Mohammad says:

why r u doing this if u r so fat?

Evan Jackson says:

Thank you for helping me assemble this desk. You need that Thor strength to push those pegs in.

H A T E says:

Like that?

Get Lucky says:

thanks for the help

Meepo says:

Thanks for doing this man! I’m gonna buy one today!

Sarah Bodnar says:

Is this able to be disassembled?

Rayshell Glenn says:

Do you feel like this desk could tip easily? I use a large drawing tablet for my desk and it sits towards the front and I worry about the desk tipping.

SkymashiTV says:

I do my self quite a lot of videos, but yours just made my day mate, well done!

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