I Got A Treadmill Desk Because Sitting Was Killing Me (Treadmill Desk Review)

Lifespan Treadmill Desk:

Stefan wants to talk to you about a new product that he just purchased, called the Lifespan Treadmill Desk.

He was inspired to invest in this product after he read a book by James A. Levine, called, Get Up!: Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It”.

As many of you know, Stefan has an online business and works from home. One of the biggest challenges that he has is that he sits a lot.

The Lifespan Treadmill Desk has elevated Stefan’s productivity, enhanced his business, and transformed his health.


I Got A Treadmill Desk Because Sitting Was Killing Me (Treadmill Desk Review)


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Young at 30 says:

Do you find it hard to concentrate on your work and walk at the same time? I’d love to get one but thats my biggest reservation!

Tyler MacDonald says:

Your videos have helped improve my life in many different ways. Thanks buddy.

Matt Gerchow says:

adjustable height is great if you have a wife and 8 year old

Jordan Kassuhn says:

Hey Stefan! What is your opinion on a simple standing desk? Are those just as good as a treadmill desk? Thanks for the great content, keep it up!

Skuggy S says:

Stephen What are your thoughts on Kangen water?

Jesse William Mac Dougall, CPA, CA says:

Thanks for posting this! I have been saying for a long time how bad sitting is for humans.


THanks for the review. I think the adjusting feature is important. Did you look at Life Fitness?

kev2020 says:

Great vid. I never really thought about this beyond weight loss but it seems like the endorphins might improve your mindset at work as well. I’ll check this brand out. Thanks for the info and review.

Xtine Hun says:

I want a treadmill desk!!!

Adam Pepiton says:

I would like to get one of those if I didn’t have to use a wheelchair.

Matt Gerchow says:

got mine yesterday. walking as I watch. thanks. good content

Susie Bear33 says:

@Project Life Mastery what about those of us that can’t walk and chew gum at the same time
so to speak
I so want one of these but I don’t know if I would be able to focus


I like your perspective. Investing in the items that you use everyday that can transform your life. I agree its a small price for something that can have a big impact especially over time.

seaTiger51 says:

I will ask my boss to buy me one

Alex Tkachev says:

thats genius. When I was at the gym on treadmill I had exactly what you have, but you have your own treadmill at home. I will invest in it as soon as I get my first 15 clients.

Louis M says:

Just bought this tonight after watching this. I’ve been looking at this product for over a week now. Software Engineer and work from home all day long, I’ve gained so much weight and looking forward to a new me in 2017.

Matt Morbey says:

Thanks Stefan this video has just shifted my mindset on the impacts of sitting down while working, you’ve inspired me to try and stand more while I work. Thanks again!

ayokay123 says:

I’d buy one if it could get up to 5mph so that I could at least dual purpose it for speed walking fitness. A 4mph pace (15 minute mile) is just too slow for me. Dual purpose is the key.

Tyler MacDonald says:

I love you Stephen

DiniTech says:


Brenda reyes says:

I can’t right now hahaha omg I love this!!!!!!

Bob Ferguson says:

I started with a standing desk almost two years ago. This is the next step! (*see what I did there?)

Miguel Santos says:

Great Idea as always. Thanks! 🙂

Oogly Boogly says:

Man.. I wanted one of these ever since Tai Lopez made a similar video. I just bought a rebounder (you definitely helped convince me) so now I have to start saving again. I used to think these things (rebounder, treadmill desk etc.) were nice but not necessary, especially considering the money. Now I’m starting to believe you can’t afford not to have them.

kimy D says:

so cool, I want this as well

Paul Venables says:

hey Stefan, nice review and thanks for sharing! I’ve had a couple friends who’ve invested around 1k in just a liftable desk (so you can stand or sit). So to have the trendmill component for a only a few hundred more makes it a great deal. My only concern would be getting motion sickness while using/working with it. Never been one to read or write while on a treadmill at the gym. Maybe the slow walking pace makes it easier for you.

solar command.. says:

is there a blog i can go to, to ask questions about marketing?

Nischen Nerd - Philipp Bolender says:

it looks so funny :D. but its great for your health 🙂

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