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WickedsInferno says:

What is the height and width you got on your desk??

Carnya S says:

Nice vid cool desk

Dicey says:

GET A SECOND MONITOR BRO! Lol great video by the way

Vash The Stampede says:

Could i inquire why you didnt bother to buy the cable management system or the cpu holder?

Zaittsev says:

I’m scared now. How often should I take breaks during gaming. And how long of breaks.

Jordan L says:



Which option you chose for delivery?

(Standard Ground Shipping)
(Residential-Freight Delivery)

ZsaberGoneCrazy1 says:

TMAX You Killed I LOve You

jensjørgen says:


The Z Killer says:

All the nurse jobs help him alot!!!

Tom Farrell says:

Wow you’re annoying.

LuzeQ says:

when a new vid???

C North says:

DXRacer chairs are for bitches.

Eddie Amir says:

Comedy show?

jaken150 says:

great video, awesome desk!

Colin Grubbs says:

Hi Tmac,I saw a couple of people ask this question already but am still curious. I just bought a Jarvis standing desk and at any height, there is a very noticeable wobble on the monitor. I can simply tap the desk and the screen would wobble, even using the Jarvis monitor arm. I know you are a gamer, so have you noticed/been bothered by this when using your desk? I am assuming there has to be a least a little wobble in the monitor…

Zaittsev says:

Haha! Does going to the kitchen to get coffee and snacks count 😀

Carnya S says:

I going to make Saturday tmax day I’ve just been busy with school

Emily Wolf says:

Hi TMAX, great video/review – very helpful. Question for you: when the uplift desk is raised to standing height, is there any wobbling of the desktop or is it pretty sturdy?

Christopher Capps says:

I’m looking at buying this. Have you found any wobble in the desk when it is in the standing height position?

TWDG Lover!!!! says:

How long is it and how wide?

Calico Gaming says:

“It’s pretty thick; pretty squishy… and I like that.”

JCash233 says:

Good humor! I dig it. Picking up a frame from these guys and putting a custom top on it. I’m pretty pumped to say the least.

RusticB says:

Dude, this is an awesome video! Thanks for sharing! I really like your honesty and thoroughness. How is the desk working out for you so far? Do you feel more energetic and creative?

Chris Pofahl says:

Wanted one for work. Ended up with the other half of your glass desk for ⅓ the price and without the kb tray.

Almond Boy 27 says:

awsome channel +1 sub

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