How I Like to Code Standing – Flexispot 35″ Desk Review

A few months back Flexispot, a company known for making great desks with ergonomics in mind, reached out and wanted me to review their 35″ desk. I’ve been totally satisfied with the build, design, and quality of how it all works.

Very little setup is required, just take it out of the box and raise it to your desired height, and there ya go.

For more details, check it out at:
10% coupon code: FLEXIS10

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Ahmed Maazouzi says:

Some of the coolest code is written while standing!!

awesomeguy2802 says:

Personally, I love zero-G desks. They are super comfy and ergonomic

dvlpr says:

Thanks for the review! I have to say though, early 30’s and experiencing back and joint pain — get outside and go for a run a few days (or every day) a week! I make sure to run for 45-60mins a day (about 5mi) and it makes sitting at a desk all day muchhhhh easier and keeps your joints and lower back fresh and strong! Also, you’ll live longer, so there’s that lol. Anyways, thanks again my man!

Porgrammer Kamel says:

wow good work this is very good

Zeusevo1 says:

Underrated Channel

Flamed65 says:

I code laying down. Got one of those massage tables with the face cutout and have my monitor on the floor


what about the chair it looks comfortable what is it?

shattaD says:

cable management? not even once

Øyvind Monsen says:

What monitor is that?

Jäger says:

what are you writing the code out on

Marco Abas says:

Which laptop do u use?

Deepak Suneja says:

Can u tell me top 10 programming language institute in the world

Anthony Ng says:

dude, where is your 40″ 4k monitor

Jacob says:

Loved the mic, sounds very natural. Maybe its just me tho

Carlos Leandro Zetula says:

Very cool!!!

Travis _ says:

Hey what is the song in the background?

shreyas nemade says:

Which should I get for programming ?
Macbook Air or Pro Or Windows

Raul Gutierrez says:

Thank Brian! I’m my early 40’s and starting to feel the neck issues due to 20 years of desk work. I def like Flexi’s affordability.

Phillip Carlino says:

That is a nice desk, and price not too bad… good call.

Vladimir Putin says:

ipad, iphone, macbook pro, imac

and i thought i was fucking rich…

Herman Kster says:

Very nice stand! However that price tag though…

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