GeekDesk Max Electric Adjustable Height Desk Unboxing and Review – Unpacked

Jack puts his handyman skills to work and assembles a desk for geeks. The GeekDesk Max comes with a nice sturdy steel frame. It has easy to use controls with 4 programmable presets. Height adjustable desks are good for your health.

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The Swarm says:

why move a desk when you can move a chair up and down. :^))

saad m8 says:

Go to Ikea, get a nice $50 desk.

Hugom3 says:

I wanna get a hieght ajusteble desk but there are cheaper ones

John Triantafyllou says:

only if i had a lab…

gunmim says:

id prefer an emperor 200 but it also have the big con of over 40k$ price tag xD

ZEB0V says:

“The manually doesn’t actually mention when to install the casters.”XD

CatCloud says:

eeeeeeeh you can get one from IKEA for around 800, more or less. 
Got one, 1 year and still working perfectly, oh and it´s an L table, which..i believe cost slightly more then a normal one.

Yaz Maz says:

yes, but can i have sex on it?

Drex2030 says:

How people getting 360p and i’m watching it at 1080p hd?

Eric Close says:

not for $700+ holy shit! I could build another PC for that much…..

ajamit007 says:

360p we meet again…….

IdealIdeas100 says:

Couple car jacks + 1 regular table = this for way less

BananaRaptor says:

It to expensive and I don’t sure it is worth it.

Clorox Bleech says:

Why 360p?

Rmx2011 says:

I’d love to get one, but I can’t afford one on student budget. 

Anonymous Hippo says:

Does this desk shake at all at a standing height?

Robert R. Blevins says:

Good video… 

Facundo says:

a diy solution cost /10 the price of this one at least and is not so complicated to do

Daniel Guzman says:

The assembly of this desk sucks ass.. For 1300$ should more friendly when building.

Dakyner ™ says:

5 of them and I can use it as a bed

jacob soliz says:

i got a free desk something like this(: height adjustable im pretty happy

Starcraft2Union says:

IKEA sells adjustable table legs for $20 each. I bought them 3 years ago and mounted it on my table top and have a manually adjustable table that fit my sitting posture. And I have moved 3 times for the past 4yrs, that means, I have disassembled and re-assembled the legs to the table a few things already and sturdy as a bull.

element74 says:

I want an adjustable desk man… but not for this price range.

Andrew Mielke says:

Wow $1300. It improves my posture because it goes up and down? What’s wrong with my adjustable computer chair?

cal920c says:

hmm… maybe i’ll just build adapters for the feet of my desk to drive them up with a hydraulic system… sure as hell will hold more than 300 lbs.. maybe almost 1000.

Holiday says:

$1300…LOL! What a joke,
 No thanks!

Fringie says:


TimmyTechTV says:

People really need to stop using the Benny Hill song for time lapses, its getting really old!

enoff32 says:

why are all videos 360p?

Stuart Carson says:

Wow, thanks for the 360 video.

siuol chris says:

this is what i NEED !!!! i have a very old desk built of wood almost like an old teachers desk. while i do enjoy having all the parts from my pc in my desk because it has 6 places to put things. but the one major thing i hate about this desk is its like 3-4 inches to tall and my chair only sits so tall. my shoulder and  arm feels worn out if i play over 2-3 hours and having a desk that i could lower about 3-4 inches would re-leave the stress put on my arm and shoulder because of the desk. Santa this is what i want for x-mas. i just hope by then i have not worn myself into a doc appointment ><. one of the better innovations i have seen.  P.S. PC master race just got a bump with adjustable desks LMAO!

Potpressure says:

First off, I want to say that is too much money for a desk. 2nd, for the price, I would rather look into getting a Lian-Li DK01 Desk Chassis. REVIEW THAT PLEASE!!!

Sure, some of us like to go all out on our rigs and set ups but I doubt any of us will need a height adjustable desk for 3-4x the price of a normal one. When you consider all that you can ad to your rig for that extra money you’re spending on this desk.

Any reviews on desk chairs?  Been looking at gaming chairs for PC and came across DXRACER and Maxnomic chairs.

Christopher Kiefer says:

“Ladies and gentlemen, from the same company that brought you the Hi-Lo Trailer from ‘The Price is Right’ now brings you…a table…that is also high…and…low.”

fatboy SRK says:

Is the height you listed including the wheels you attached or is it the default height?

Pranav Kadam says:

1365$ too much for a desk.
What if your computer is just 1000$.
It makes no sense to invest more money on a desk than your PC.

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