Flexispot Electric Standing Desk Review

Lisa Gade reviews a relatively affordable yet sturdy electric standing desk made by Flexispot. We look at their base model E1 of the Sano Desk line, which sells for around $300 and is available in 48” and 60” widths. It has an electric motor to quietly raise and lower the desk, 3 programmable height presets and an alarm to remind you to stand. Castors are optional and there are a variety of higher end models too. You can check out the manufacturer’s site here: https://bit.ly/2PIBk1G .


killastrong says:

Thanks. I’ve been wondering about these. We use standing desks at work but I want one at the home office. This one seems affordable.

Victor R says:


Robert Tobin says:

Great review Lisa. I have one of these desks , sold under a different brand name in Australia.I fully endorse everything you say about this desk .I have a 22” wide screen monitor, 15”MacBook pro, Drobo, full size apple keyboard and mouse and sometimes a Wacom tablet. it’s on carpet and very stable.

handquake says:

Happy Holidays! Favorite Youtube channel at least 3 years running! :-)….and if You have any kind of “In” with Santa, please ask him please to bring Oreo Cookie straws back. <3

Onyourknees Beforeme says:

Fuck sponsored ads…

Joel Botwinick says:

Lisa, I love you to death but really? And, by the way, are there any bodily functions that technology doesn’t mess with? Some day we’re all gonna be puttering around in motorized wheel chairs as we bark commands into a microphone. Just make sure you anchor it to the wall. You don’t want that thing falling on your cat.

Jess Philps says:

Merry Xmas

Pojosamaneo says:

Neat. I’m tempted to buy one, but I’d like something without a motor because it’s going to eventually break. Doing some research on it, I think a manual crank would be a good solution, like a heavy duty shop desk. Plus, slap on a thick real wood top, and you’ll never have to worry about it.

Fly Guy says:

I love your Carpet Lisa!!!, lol. And the ALWAYS Great Reviews!

constantinos schinas says:

*standing is the worst position for human nature.* deer lard. really unhealthy. ask all standing professionals.

PSYCHO says:

Why didn’t you say “Whassup homies” in the beginning of the video? I’m sad now 🙁

P.s. Great video Lisa! Keep ’em coming!

Kysen10 says:

Shoes on that clean carpet is triggering me 🙁

Ramon Solorio says:

I would like to see a comparison with ikeas motorized option as it has a 10 year warranty.

ijuwan says:

A can of Pepsi!?!?!

I sorry Lisa we can’t be friends anymore. I guess I’ll just have to find another unbiased tech reviewer with a fun T-shirt collection…

Karl P says:

Vertical Mobility TechReview. I use an elevating desk at one of my clients and I find the faster ones are not better because it’s too easy to overshoot the desired height, and you end up going up and down like an idiot trying to get the right position.

Dave Brar says:

Nice review… thank you

wootks says:

One thing not mentioned is how much wobble the desk has. All budget desks seem to exhibit an annoying wobble that makes it distracting to work. How is this one? Thanks.

Kenan Gedik says:

Seems pretty great fir the price.


Great alternative to the bank busting desks

gold a says:

Lisa i am waiting for the full review of the new spectre x360 15 (:
and thank you for all your hard work <3

FloridaGurlForLife says:

Pretty nice.

Anorax says:

As of today I have cancelled my 7 Patreon pledges. I cannot support a platform that makes arbitrary decisions over who they will allow to use the Patreon platform and no longer supports free speech. I hope MobileTechReview can find an alternative platform so that I can continue to donate to them.

Joel Botwinick says:

On a serious note though; I used to work for the phone company as an operator…about 20 years ago, and they where pretty good for people who were chained to their desks.

Sica1000 says:

the up and downspeed is to slowly, isn’t it?

kevin says:

Thank you

Shah dawon says:


meatpuppet says:

A mobiletechreview video about a very very immobile object.. nice

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