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The FitDesk 2.0 let’s you work while you work out. This pedal desk is an exercise bicycle with a built-in laptop desk- After assembling the FitDesk 2.0 I found it quite sturdy and it was surprisingly compact. Five minutes pedaling at medium resistance and I was starting to sweat so you can work up a sweat on the FitDesk.

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Origami Potato says:

Alright Mr. Parris, it’s been a month now and I’m curious, how is it holding up? Any new comments you can make about it? Can you persuade me further into purchasing it? 😛

cactus fan says:


you soang lim says:


thatcrazyjack says:

Can you lock the desk into position?

Ross Cohen says:


Matt Luker says:

great quality audio! great mic choice! cheers.

ReesieD says:

That is cool!

Solar Power Electricity and Electronics says:

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Amanda says:

Great review, I was considered with how far the work desk was- but I appreciate you mentioned that! I feel a lot of reviewers get into the product specs too much while forgetting to target the actual usability of said product. Thanks!

Catrina Lynne says:

Wow that’s pretty neat. very good review

runninescape09 says:

i know no body gotta know but for some reason if i were to do this i would feel stupid Asfck

MommyandGracieShow says:

I have always wondered about this! Thank you for the great review!!!

Matt Zilz says:

I love the new design! The first Fit Desk (sit and cycle) seemed to be very unsecured and was not supported very well! But, I love the new design and I think it is a lot more supported and sturdy then the first one!

baller kid says:


Matt Zilz says:


Rhiannon says:

This looks like a contraption from the 90’s lol

god Saturn El says:

I’m going to trademark Reviews !!!

Cecil Harrell says:


hardhatzues 36 says:


Don Brennan says:

in mass my state it a law you have to have 1 in your house

fizzy965 says:

would be cool if they did an exercise machine (bike, treadmill etc) that you plug electronic devices in such as a kettle, TV or even a phone charger, which powers the devices as you workout. That would definitely motivate some people to do more exercise. Especially if people have trouble getting their kids up off the sofa. If they want to watch TV they’d then have to power it themselves. Would lower electricity bills too if you’re making your own electric and it’d be great for the environment.

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