Cheap Motorized Sit Stand Desk Review. How Does it Compare?

We assemble & review the IKEA Motorized Bekant Sit & Stand workstation with the GERTON solid beech wood top (chef block). It’s very easy to assemble and looks amazing but I feel the Autonomous Smartdesk Sit-Stand workstation is a better overall value with more options including remembering positions.

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▼ My personal recommendation for the perfect sit-stand workstation ▼
Get the Autonomous base for ~$300 (link below) and buy the $80 GERTON solid butcher block table top from IKEA and you have a $380 sit stand that is the best of both worlds. The Autonomous tops are expensive and plain looking so this would be my choice if I did it over again. Also, the Jarvis desk on Amazon looks very similar in functionality to the Autonomous Jarvis Sit-Stand Base –

▼ Links to everything in this video ▼
BEKANT Crank Base –
BEKANT Motorized Base –
GERTON Table Top –

▼ Autonomous Smart Desk Sit-Stand Workstation (Better, More Features) ▼
Motorized Base –
Classic Solid Table Top –
^- Or get the GERTON from IKEA for cheaper and it’s nicer IMO

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▼ Questions & Answers ▼
Q) You’re fat…
A) I’m well aware of this fact…

Q) You said the Autonomous was half the price but it’s only like $100 cheaper all said and done.
A) I realized this after making the video. I didn’t realize the base didn’t come with a top when you ordered it from Autonomous. But look at this way, you can get a better base for much cheaper and put your own top on it for cheap.

Q) The audio sucks.
A) We setup the recording equipment quickly and the audio wasn’t very good, it took a lot of processing just to get it as good as it is. I am going to try and get a 2nd LAV for future video shoots with other people so we can have that nice crispy audio.
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CNG (109) says:

Wow didn’t know you were friends with john goodman. Good for you man, good for you

captainnemo says:

ikea furniture is easier to put together if you have a power drill with a hex bit

Nothy says:

Bekant means familliar in swedish. thank me later

Ogami Itto says:

61 inches…….ladies

TheVapingManxxx says:

IKEA Motorized Bekant Sit & Stand workstation with the GERTON

Nice job Boys……….. Love the pants….

Jakub Sypien says:

#pijama pants

TheDardjanin says:

Use the metric system much?

Pile of carbon says:

I hadn’t thought about whether IKEA changed product names in other countries, but it seems they kept the original names. Look through an IKEA catalogue and you get a crash course in Swedish.

Bekant can be used in two ways. It can mean rudimentary knowledge in a certain field, or casual acquaintance.

/r/waffletv says:

I was just waiting for a screw to go through the top of the table top.

Jay Weimer says:

ooohhhh shiny!!!

maz says:

nice. Antec 900

Bill Overbeck says:

I’ve got a giant hydraulic adjustable desk, I use it to crush things. It’s strong as hell…

lovemyduster10 says:

Half of the video is Narnacules making sexual references xd

Brian O'Malley says:

g e r t o n

Rusty Shakleford says:

Can this dude go five seconds with out a sex joke. My god it gets old.

Makaveli Trained says:

i dont know whats higher in this video the homoerotic energy inthat room, cholesterol countof ur trunks, orthe amount of yrs since u seen beaver, Iadies.?

darkholyPL says:

I wanted to make one for myself, bekant…

Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all day.

Long John says:

You guys just aren’t lazy enough …. Now me I’m naturally lazy and I would have stuck that big heavy table top on first and THEN raise it up via the power of the electron …..

Nearly all great inventions are from a lazy guy thinking “There has to be an easier way …” The King of the Lazy Clan has to be the guy that went “I’m tired of typing the same thing over and over” and invented Copy and Paste, he is my all-time Hero ……

Jerm-X Gaming Channel says:

I like the CNC shirt!

Richard MacLean says:

What the HELL are you wearing!?

Snailman2 says:


Bobby Surratt says:

What in the name of China is Jerry wearing?

Bethov Losmen says:

People who are complaining about the price, let me just tell you this. Ikea gives you 10 YEARS warranty on ANY part. Compared to the other sit and stand desk which probably give you 1-2 years. So for the price it’s AWESOME.

TheKiltedKraut says:

Don’tcha think it would have been a lot easier to put the wooden table top on the floor (upside down) and then put the table itself upside-down on top of the wooden table top…and then center it and screw them together securely?!?

You seemed to really struggle when trying to screw the top on from underneath the table. LOL

RogueHavikk says:

$200 shipping, closest IKEA 100 miles away… Just built a tabletop from lumber for $70, reused legs from an old desk. might look into the Autonomous legs though..

lddrizzt1 says:

Nice idea using the different desktop. Too bad it doesn’t have a memory feature for the height. The way you mounted the controller looks like it was made for that desktop.

Jontiac says:

I enjoyed the the build, Jerry. Thanks for making another funny and entertaining video! I ordered an autonomous DYI kit an hour ago and your video gave me something to look forward to as I wait for mine to ship here in Canada. Cheers!

Carter Harris says:

I watch this while eating some IKEA meatballs.
Gotta love the Swedes

Thameren Dyck says:

i literally stopped watching the new windows video to watch this my life is meaningless

Zyx says:

Dunno about other stores over there, but as far as Ikea goes here in Denmark, it’s really good quality, we do have expensive stores, but among the cheaper stores, Ikea really is good. We have a store called Jysk which is in many cases a plain joke.. An $80-ish small chest of drawers which in Ikea would be great quality, did in Jysk fail miserably. The holes didn’t line up with the screws.. Some has bought a bed from there which was all twisted when assembled..

TuxKey says:

Only problem I have with it is no memory function

Meol One says:


K Nelson says:

Someone really likes pajama pants.

Alex Swavely says:

Usually on your channel, it’s “Step 1: Throw away the manual”… 😉

Amber Oakheart says:

I built a sit/stand desk out of the same table top! I used 3 or 4 (can’t remember) of them for the whole thing, its entirely made from the beach wood of these table tops. The legs slide up or down and lock into place with wooden pegs that slide through it. I use it in stand mode, with an exercise bike as a computer chair to peddle as I’m on the computer. 😀

Cris Escobedo says:

Ikea shit soooo…….. …… ….. Step 1 was the hardest!
Then take the rest of the shit and just throw it in the trash. Its fucking worthless collage room shit!

Kis Jorgensen says:

Idiots at work.

Flip it over, and mount the top upside down.

Will Seward says:

Love this video!

Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

See video description for answers to frequently asked questions and links to everything in the video and much more along with my personal opinion on the best combination for the ultimate sit-stand desk. Please leave a comment down below if you have a question or observation and if you enjoyed the video please press the *like* and *subscribe* button for more videos in the future!

Jeremiah Johnson says:

I’ve been using an Uplift Desk for about a year now, it’s got memory settings but the desk overall is more expensive. You guys actually kinda assembled it wrong, you lay the table top down and assemble the frame onto spacing the motors etc out over the pre-drilled holes.

Frederik Delacourt says:

Agree. I have an Autonomous desk and it is literally half the cost and has memory for the position and you can create the width that you want.
I bought the frame at Autonomous during their black friday special and ended up buying the top at Ikea for about $25! Best desk I’ve ever worked at.

NoName says:

I bought the MG10XU after watching your mixer board on a budget video. I’m so glad I did. I was able to turn down the lows and cut out the bass from you two banging on that table while the mic was sitting on it. lol

ReflectoMist says:

just touch the tips XD

Soul less ginger says:

What is up with the 1980s disco pajama

Johannes Dolch says:


logilogilogi says:

Can i put on this stand, ikea Karbly the 96″ (246 cm) version? or it is to much. Its hard to find the propper desk…

brego129 says:

It’s de Gerton!

Reid Potter says:

Thinking of doing this, how do you like it a couple months later?

Adel Mandani says:

Thank you

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