Byte Review Setup Tour 2018 | The Ultimate IKEA Desk!


Tabletop –
Trestle –
Drawer Unit –
Cable Box –


Wallpaper –
NZXT Case –
Keyboard –
Asus Monitor – No longer available, but here’s a 27″ version –
Logitech MX Master –
Silly Splatoon Amiibo –
Sony A6300 –
Sony 35mm f.18 –
Soundsticks –
LED Strip – Just search it, they’re all pretty good!
Artwork –

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sorlino89 says:

Amazing. Nice job mate.

Michael Nguyen says:

Clean setup.

Noiemi Vita says:

Love ikea. Love knoll chair. Love the Lumiy Lightline lamp. Perfect ROOOOM!

Joe Barry says:

Wow that canon ae1 is so cool!

Ginger Ramona says:

Very clean setup! I’ve a nice knoll chair and a lumiy led lamp. =)

Jan Dudiňák says:

The speaker looks like dildo. That’s the comment!

김효진 says:

LED address? And keyboard

TheAwkwardMaître D'. says:

who did he say inspired his desk setup? because his desk looks quite similar to “DIY GIANT HOME OFFICE DESK” by TheSorryLife (just less complicated)

Benjamin Hong says:

what’s the shelf?

Vaibhav Rana says:

Derren Brown!

Stefan Ramage says:

Use a Usb extensioncable to get your Logitech Unifying Adapter a bit further from the USB 3.0 Ports, they have a bit of a magnetic field, if used. And Use USB2.0 for the Mouse Adapter. i had the same issue


why are you wearing a hat at home?

Noah Hartley says:

Get a Naga instead, it’s much better for editing

rinzleR R says:

Dildo Speakers!

John Do says:


Tech4YourNeeds says:

We have Primark in the USA.

Diego Lizarraga says:

Did you sand the top of your desk or add any oil to it?? Mine feels like it’s not smooth on the top

Derick Zhang says:

Love your window

Isaak Weidman says:

Dude, you kinda look like Gordon Ramsay

Mike Xavier says:

Nice one mate! Thanks for the heads up on Sandra… awesome artwork.

HanBum Jung says:

Looks like gordon ramsay…. lol

Anand Sharma says:


Syarief Ahmad jauhar says:

Nice setup, btw my monitor use boolk for made higher

Eden Audio says:

Good taste, I have the same desk. But you really need to get rid of the dil…well you know what I mean as speakers and get some proper sounds on your desk, good job!

freeman su says:

derren brown is my favorite magician.

Stefan Zlatanović says:

I am always wondering, do people from the West countries have any dear gifts or stuff that they keep? Like you always open the drawer, there is no pictures, little stuff like tickets from concerts, or collectible items like cards and stuff. Do you throw everything away?

Jack W says:

The book under the monitor =_=

Juan Carlos Garfias Tovar says:

Cool video man, you have a new sub! Could you please provide a link for the wallpaper?

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