Best Desk Ever? – Apex Motorized Sit Stand Desk Review

ApexDesk 71″ –
ApexDesk 60″ Frame Only –
ApexDesk 60″ –
Anti Fatigue Desk Mat 39′” –
Anti Fatigue Mat 70″ –

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Big Thanks to Apex for sending this desk out for review!

Cable covers are included! No need to bug any as I mentioned in video. They came in shipping upside down to avoid scratches. I tried flipping them and they do not fit flush so I assumed that was meant to stay on the bottom side. So, when flipped they seat down inside the hole and still look a bit like there is still a hole there. It just didn’t look right to me when I tried it but I was I informed I missed the outter ring which fixes this! So they are included and no need to buy anything extra! This desk is easily a 9.5/10!



Mike Messiah says:

next video please do a face cam 🙂

Top Serious says:

And you gave the old desk to your husband?

The Cohesive Garage says:

What monitor and stand are ya using in this video?

RockTheCage55 says:

Amanda how did you get the upgraded memory controller? Even on apex’s site ”
Not at this point but we will be bringing in programmable or memory controllers shortly. Subscribe to our newsletter or visit our Blog page for latest product and company updates.”. I definitely want to get the upgrade controller but i don’t see an option for it 🙁

Eric Govea says:

Nice desk…

TechRoam says:

Nice video!

Zeyn275 says:

hey amanda where can i find that time wallpaper? thanks!



Hi-Fi Insider says:

Don’t know why it cost $499. There’s nothing much in the desk. $349 is the sweet spot for desk and legs

Time To Tech With FLFL says:

that was awesome and congratulation for the new Desk 🙂

Omar Correa says:

Nice desk, can’t wait to see it with a wood top. Great vid girl friend

Nick Howlett says:

what subwoofer is that you have?

Michael Korotaev says:

Hello, Amanda, would you please tell me how loud that table when its moving? Thanks

Jon Harrison says:

This is an awesome desk and just goes perfectly with your setup 🙂

Reckl killer says:

Can I know the name of the desk ?

Sebastian Gobat says:

I cant find the white top/black legs version 🙁

Armando Ferreira says:

Love this desk and I also have one, great video Amanda.

Amanda Woolsey says:

Make sure you also check out the new Bluetooth controlled sit/stand desk I got from ApexDesk, it’s AMAZING!!

MythicalMonkey says:

Cool desk and stuff but I’m diggin’ the floors – they’re nice 🙂

brandon quintero says:

do you know where you got that lamp? 🙂

Brandon Diec says:

Hey dumb question but, how do you get that flip clock screensaver? I’ve been searching forever but couldn’t find out how

Shawn A says:

Does it wobble when it’s all the way up?

Blurry Face says:

Thanks for the advice about emailing the company! They emailed me back right away and it turns out they are selling the top part for only $150.

leecm says:

Im not sure if you’ve already done so, but where do you plan on getting your hardwood top from? Were you going to have one made locally or is there a good place online that creates them for a fair price? I love the way the UpLift hardwood tops look but they’re pricey.

MioTUBE says:

Great desk! What’s the clock app you use for your desktop?

Stefanie Rimpel says:


Rui Torre says:

Now THIS is a desk 🙂 Loving the sepakers!!

Thirdy Tambong says:

Cool Set up 🙂

FrugalTech says:

OK I’m jealous over that desk! Excellent video

Rio Deboer says:

Hello Amanda! I am very interested in purchasing an ApexDesk and particularly interested in the options that you have, (white tabletop and black legs with a memory controller). Scrolling through the comments I have found that you have ordered this desk “indirectly through them”. Could you please please provide more information on how exactly you went about ordering your desk?

Brad Snyder says:

That is awesome! I highly like that desk!

Darren Wellhoefer says:

Great video. I had been searching for a long time, but your review was the tipping point. Thanks so much for a great, well thought out review. It really helped.

Peggy Elvia says:

Try Switch Stance, made from high grade, industrial strength cardboad and designed it to handle all your gear with ease, affordable and easily foldable.

Advent Seph says:

what material is the default desk top made of?

VaZ says:

whats that floating plant called?

Cisco KIDD says:

How did you get the upgraded controller?

Wolverine Logan says:

Will this desk be able to hold a Pc Desktop,I have Gaming Pc and my case is a Corsair Air 540 Desktop and not sure if it would hold the weight and if it would fit on the sides perfectly,Just to let you know that leaving my Desktop on the floor is not an option

leoeoeoeoe says:

QUESTION: Where did you get the adjustable laptop stand? (1:40)

Meth Methanoid says:

Nice desk.. you should also offer Amazon UK, Canada, DE links maybe???

ngunsokay says:

Speakers? They look awesome

Phil Aube says:

Did you look into Autonomous desks? They look the same but are a bit cheaper and ALL have the memory settings and more options


Hi. Great vídeos…
How do you change color, behind the 4k tv?

KH B says:

Hi Amanda how are you?
I have a question in regards to the apex desk.
I’m about to spend some chunk of money on set/stand desk and I’m debating between the apex and the Jarvis.
I need your honest opinion. Does the desk wobble at a Standing height?
Thanks and thanks for the video

devil king says:

Hey Amanda Woolsey is Apex better then Evodesk I am asking because I am thinking about buying a desk at Evodesk but I don’t want to buy a product that will fall apart on me in 6 months.

Asianboi231 says:

Is the memory controller an accessory piece you can buy somewhere? Or do you have to buy a frame that has the memory controller in it?

Mysteryour 1 says:

Wow !!! So fresh !!!

Rick C says:

what’s the light-bulb device on the right hand side of the desk?

Migue Grm says:

Hi! I would love to get the thing that you use to keep the keyboard under the screen. Where did you get it? thank you very much, love your chanel

Etech says:

Great video Amanda! I’m actually considering an Apex desk for my next setup build

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