Autonomous Standing Desk Review

This is an amazing (customizable) desk — especially for the price. But there are definitely a few things you need to know before you place an order.


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Victor Sepulveda says:

I have the XL version coming in mid-October. Can’t wait.

Micheal Ly says:

Hey Chris,
May you tell me where you purchased that near-match wood grain monitor stand? I’m contemplating between the light oak or the bamboo color when I purchase the desk but actively looking for something to elevate my monitor. Thanks in advance!

Adam Plocher says:

You didn’t mention if you had the single or dual motor did you (sorry was kinda skipping around the video)? I’m wondering if that would make a difference in terms of wobble. I’m very close to ordering one, would you mind telling me if you got the single motor (Home) or the dual motor (Business) editions? And in either case, would you recommend it? Thanks

Christian Magill says:

Do you think you’d miss the ergonomic cutout that isn’t available on the larger desks?

Michael Heredia says:

Thinking about getting one of these. My current desk is a 24×47. You think I should go for the 30×53 or go for the 30×70 one? I’d love the extra desk space with the 70″ desk but I don’t think I have the space for it. So that being said, I do a lot of work similar to yours. What are your recommendations? I think I’m gonna have to go with the 53×30 simply because I do not think I have enough space for the 70″ desk (The front half of my bedroom is also my office! 😀 ) Still would like to hear your recommendations though.

Logan Carmichael says:

I purchased one of these desks for my home office, too. Love it! Black top and frame with ergo cut in the smaller size. I made the leap for the AI box and other accessories though. I agree, the wait time is a bit ridiculous, but I think some of that’s due to the amount of orders they’re getting and the fact they’re somewhat of a startup. My frame came first then the top a day or two later…both about a month after initial order. Other than that, all aspects of the desk structure I give high marks! It wasn’t terribly difficult to setup (did it by myself) and it’s very sturdy. As for the accessories..? Well, I just received the A29 box with the speaker, USB charging ports, bag hanger, wireless charger, etc. a few days ago. Almost 2mos. after initial order. The speaker is a metal box that seems tough and rugged (and sounds pretty good); however, the rest did not impress me that much. The USB charger ports looks like nothing more than a cheap USB hub you’d buy off Amazon or eBay, but it does work. I’m not going to give it a thumbs down on appearance alone — it does what it’s supposed to do. The bag hook and other mounting brackets are very cheap-looking. The wireless charger isn’t of much use to me since my phone doesn’t have that capability, but it should be noted that this, too, looks very cheap — like a matte plastic puck with a hide-able USB plug in the top center — and you have to insert it into one of the wire/cable management holes that’s pre-drilled in the desktop. It’s not made to just sit atop your desk. If you’re like me and you’re using both of those holes for cable management of desktop items, then you likely won’t use it or won’t want to drill a new hole just for this. Overall the accessories are not very stylish like the desk and I probably won’t use some of them (especially the bag hook since I rarely would hang a bag or briefcase on my desk anyways). We’re past the two month mark and I’m still awaiting for “Taylor” (the AI box) to arrive. Not sure what I’ll think of that, but I’m curious to see how it works. Customer service with this company has been very friendly when they respond…and they usually respond within 24 hours. As for their communication while waiting for a shipment? It could use improvement. Overall, I give it a 4 out 5! Hard to beat for the price!

Mac Smith says:

It took awhile to get mine too.

superjet2771 says:

This desk works best without any Apple products.

Timothy Gorton says:

Ordered the business edition on dec 26th, 2016 (Monday). The desk arrived on Wednesday of the next week! 9 days total and there was a holiday weekend in there! I love it!!!

jaja1818 says:

i like that they have international shipping..just wonder how much would that add to the cost..but considering the price compared to others…

zach morton says:

Wobble when you type?

SteakPieHarry says:

A very pleasant chap to watch. Lovely style. Great video mate.

LightProgramming says:

If you dont live in the US, it will cost you 200$ USD for shipping.

Kevin Marchese says:

Great video review!! Do you think that this sized desk ( 30 by 53 ) can do a side by side 27″ iMacs? I have my personal and my work computer. I just think the 70 will be to large and I kind like the cut out which isn’t an option on the 70. Thank you for any feedback.

Kyle Dumke says:

ahhhhhhh thank you very much for the great review.

Joseph Alfie says:

great video. Since i am 6 foot 4, will this reach my height? thank you

Joel Rose says:

Hi There, Where did you get the matching monitor stand, keyboard stand , and keyboard wrist pad to match the bamboo color? Looks great. Thanks!

Joshua Wangadi says:

Hey you were in the techsource’s set up wars haha

Mohammed Rafat says:

What is that metal spinning thing on your desk? I need to know, I want to get one!

Tim McCarty says:

What’s your opinion of ergonomic cutout? Pretty sure I want one, but can’t make up my mind on that feature.

Ken Dudley says:

I got one of these. It is awesome. I couldn’t believe how well built the frame was when I got it. Even the desk top is thick and sturdy. Took a long time to get it though

Pranay Shah says:

Does the desk in the video have single motor or dual? Anybody having any issues/concerns with the single motor?
Thank you

Teamppappi says:

how did u get that thing in the middle that raises ur monitors a bit? that inverted u thingy? i dont see it in the website

Austin Lloyd says:

where did you get the monitor stand?

Michelle Pope says:

I have a pretty heavy setup at home. Does anyone know about the weight limit on this thing? Is it strong enough to handle heavier machines and monitors?

lawrence taylor says:

This was seriously useful to me, I’m renovating a new house and want some sort of sit/stand in the office. Great perspective here – thanks.

Unum sed Leonem says:

Thank you for the review. I was just about to order an alternative from China. This is more expensive, but still less than anything else on Amazon here in Europe. And, although it ships from The Netherlands, as ALWAYS, it is more expensive here than in Æmæricæ.

xiingli says:

Have you ordered the 70″ one? Curious to see if that one has wobble… That’s probably the most serious con for me.

Ro says:

For petite folks (I’m 5’3″) you might want to consider the dual motor, because it lowers to 24″ inches. My ideal desk height is 27″, which is only available with the dual motor option. If I order this, it would be nice to get rid of the footstool under my desk!

Panthers1521 says:

My desk will raise to max height in less than 1 second.

Lisa Marie says:

Is the bamboo desk top shown in your video the light, medium or dark bamboo?

Jordan C says:

Your videos are nicely done. Needless to say, I subscribed. Maybe do a video describing your camera/ room tour?

Jack Rippers says:

Da Faq u get that desk animated sculpture from?

I hate the cables visible

vex says:

Thanks for the video… The wobble a deal breaker…

chaosfactor333 says:

What is your keyboard sitting on with the wrist rest?

John Ho says:

@dailytekk did you get the single or dual motor?

Vox Podcast says:

“The build quality seems out-standing”

Brian M says:

I’ve been trying to decide between the 70 x 30 inch Autonomous for $550 and the 71 x 33 inch Apex Desk for $600.

How thick is the table top on the Autonomous? That wobble makes me nervous.

Does the table top feel solid enough to support a monitor arm with two heavy monitors?

John Crain says:

Do you know if these desk could handle dual monitor arms? I have two 27″ monitors. Thanks!

Sewuyew X says:


HumanNoideStudios says:

that wobble turns me off to it. for me it has to be stable. you say you don’t notice it but i notice any kind of wobble. does it effect you in any way?

Francess McMahon says:

What is the little raised stand that your IMac is sitting on? Looks really sharp and I’m looking for something similar. Send the name of it and maybe a link? Thanks !

Victor Gonzalez says:

What’s the power situation like? Does the desk have a place to plug in electronics?

Bobby Mazzotti says:

Solid review – Desk has been ordered, but like you explained the delivery time is pretty extensive. Looks like I need to wait until the turn of 2017, but I don’t mind a late Christmas present 🙂 “That I paid for…”

asdf says:

Weird that you had such a problem with shipment. Mine arrived SUPER fast. I didn’t even specify any kind of fast shipping. I think it took 3 days from the time I placed the order.

conandrum74 says:

Thanks for your video review. It got me interested in this product. I want to get the DIY kit so I can add my own desk top. Can you post a buy link for the DIY kit also, so I can receive the discount? Many thanks.

Isuru Daulagala says:

Hey! Can you send me a link to the pendulum that is on the edge of your desk?

Brandon Miller says:

awesome setup and review, i love it and decide to have one, thank you

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