Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Review – Best Inexpensive Standing Desk

Initial impressions over the new Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Home edition with a 72 inch black top. Check them out here, my version was only $400 :

And if you’re wondering about my dual monitor arm that supports 34 inch ultra widescreen monitors, I got that here for only $42 :

Let me know what you guys think!

Edit 1/21/17 : Apparently you can no longer get the 70 inch top in the home edition model. You may have to get the business edition and spend $550. Putting it closer to the competition prices, which is a shame. Although you can still get the inexpensive part of the deal if you’re fine with desk sizes of 53 x 30 inches. Also, keep in mind that you can get the DIY version for $249 and buy the top from somewhere else for $50-200 (check out

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Jimmy Persad says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this video

lac29 says:

Is it me or does the price not makes sense. A 72 inch top means you needed to get a dual motor setup. That means $549 is the lowest price? This is as of 1/2/17.

Albert Arriola says:

Damn it’s not 400 dollars anymore it went up in price to 550 based on your setup T_T Hour half is quite long… but I guess I’ve gone through more trouble building a computer. Good upload. Anything you recommend other than this after 7 months of having it or are you still in love? (assuming its running perfectly fine).

Ryan Steffer says:

A 22 second intro? Come on man… no one wants to see that.

Patrick Holmes says:

sick set up

Theodore Moxie says:

the diy kit with custom countertop sounds better

Lucas Garvey says:

Great Video, Short and to the point!

bacon Bliss says:

you could raise it all the way for cleaning purposes

Marvin England says:

at the top end of the height you can fit a bike with a trainer under it. I rode my bike while watching some tv on one screen and chatting on another. 😀

AustinTheKing says:

Cool video, I was wondering what the thing to the left of your portal turret figure was.

TheJasonmoretti says:

any issues with this desk motor…Im more curious about whether to get home or business.. Id only be using speakers and monitor on the desk

The Flag Inspector says:

My nephew is 7’2″. That is why they go so high, for really tall people.

xiingli says:

Did you notice any wobble?

Dan Baratta says:

Realistically, you’ve only used it for maybe a day when you did this review. I’m curious to see how much you still like the desk. I’ve heard comments on both extreme ends of the spectrum. What are you current feelings on this?

Eddi Taru says:

Skip to about 2 minutes

William Letu says:

Appreciate the review. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

Rectro says:

Wth lol got it for $115

Clancy Featherton says:

great upload – keep it coming!

Nameless ASMR says:

Is there any way to manually adjust the height, in case the motors ever stopped working?

King Coopa says:

i need a higher one I’m a taller person

TheZirram says:

How tall are you just to get an idea? Thanks

Sage0ne says:

too dark to see

Hex says:

Can you add casters? ĺwheels)

xenox45 says:

When working or gaming in stand-up mode, is there a lot of desk wobbling / monitor wobbling?

Jay Rule says:

I would like to review a sample unit.

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