Autonomous Motorized Sit-to-Stand “Smart Desk” Review

If you’re in the market for a motorized standing desk, this might be just what you’re looking for!

Autonomous Website:

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Lanze Manao says:

Holy sh**.. dude looks like youre working out

Antoine Pham says:

Hello! Did you get the single or dual motor?

Scott Guymon says:

What monitor mounts are you using? I love you but plz done screw me. 😉

Jim Maguire says:

I just bought this exact same desk and and a DxRacer OH/RV131/NR. So psyched. Great video review!

Mark Berlowitz says:

I actually just bought the entry level desk, single motor, black ergo finish. IT’s a great desk and I give it an A+ as well. Only gripes on my end… ship time, and there was a missing or miss- measured set of screw holes for the control box. Self tapping screw worked fine though to make a new hole. My only real gripe right now is, the motor is quiet but the drive shaft is ‘clanky’ sounding. Going to try and Insulate the area to deaden that sound, but otherwise GREAT DESK!

Awesome review, very professional and very well done!

pz17 says:

Great review! Regarding the weight distribution/tiling… I am thinking about buying this desk (the 53×30) with walnut or bamboo. I am concerned whether it can hold my intended setup… two 18lb speakers on the ends, a 27-32″ monitor in the middle (no mount, just sitting on the desk), BUT then I want to mount two monitor arms (10 lbs each?) which will have a couple more 27″ monitors. I basically want one monitor in front of me for gaming/music production and then two other monitors so that one can be like a tv and another one for extended desktop. When I add it all together that might be like 120-130 lbs near just one side of the monitor.. you think that’s a dumb idea?


subbed. great video.

Brandon Miller says:

i had seen many review about this standing desk, i decided to buy one and its really good, motor rise very smoothly, thanks for review, subbed

UV Gaming says:

you made my mind up with going forward and purchasing! love the vid! had me laughing and interested the whole video. you earned yourself a sub 🙂

bleachaos says:

rip 2 inches, purchasing the big one too 🙂

Kevfactor says:

just curious with all that stuff on it, how sturdy is it during things like gaming? think too much wobble would drive me nuts lol

Window World says:

Great review, very through and I like your speedy style of speaking, clearly. Refreshing to watch a complete video that didn’t take an hour filled with uh’s and um’s. Good job.

Vincent Beers says:

Just ordered one, can’t wait. What kind of monitor arms are you using? I’ll be doing a new computer build in about a month and will probably upgrade to using a monitor arm instead of a stand

shadow says:

I luv ur voice

Anthony Awuzie says:

Which one did you buy to fit in 3 screens?

bhargav kodali says:

Great review man!

Kyle Fiala says:

Just purchased the ’70X30′ version myself with the white top, I’ll be more than happy to inform you if that is an intent or maybe an accident that happens during the production of the product, thanks for the straight forward and entertaining review man!

Austin White says:

Haha I like you’re personality. Great review!

Jorge Gaitan says:

hahahaha dude you are hilarious! good review!

Just Your Average says:

All reviews should forever contain sexual euphemisms. And I just ordered this desk. So…job well done.

SuppCan Carry says:

What Size Desk Did you purchase?

TheGodeejay says:

Hello. I’m buying the desk a week after Christmas. Can you tell me what size your monitors are? Trying to get a grasp of what two 27 inch monitors would look on the 30*70 table. thanks

Ted G says:

Thanks for the review. Can you please link to the USB/card reader thing you have mounted underneath?

John Peters says:

they changed their prices now 300. for base model

Rectro says:

Subbed love this vid

TheGodeejay says:

Have you had any issues since this video? thinking about buying one. Not going to spend $1000 plus from the other companies. I am kinda scared hence I’ve never owned a desk better yet a standing desk.

Ryan Stevens says:

Nice video. Keep it up!

Ahmso says:

loved the video, question for you. Does the frame have to be screwed into the top? ie if someone wanted to use a glass top?

Anonymous Maximus says:

gad they changed the site again wtf I want to buy somthin but these bastardz confusing me I mean comon I’m jus a muffin here

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