Autonomous Desk Review

A review of the Autonomous Standing Desk. Including a comparison of promised features to actual performance.

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You can purchase your SmartDesk here: *Update 7/25/2017* I’ve started using Autonomous’ referral program. If you buy using this link you will get $25 off your order, and I will get a $25 credit to spend on their website.

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Daniel Anderson says:

This is really helpful! I’m going to buy one. Just a suggestion for your future videos. You can adjust your audio levels using free programs like audacity so the levels don’t change so drastically throughout.

Chi Ty says:

I’m 32 years old and have the back of a 90 year old man. Ok maybe not that bad. My work set me up with a sit-stand desk about two years ago. If I had to guess it’s probably about a 2k dollar desk. This desk here is way cooler! My desk doesn’t have a motor to raise and lower but that doesnt bother me. However this desk is a full desk, mine is a sit stand desk that sits on my main desk. This is way cooler and I have done a decent amount of research on sit-stands and I’ve never seen one this well priced! Great review, becoming a fan Rose 🙂

Dave Bloom says:

Need to improve the quality of your audio. 🙂

Dave Millerton says:

Thinking about this desk but I’m worried about this wobble issue.  Rose says not a major deal but that conflicts with some other feedback I have heard.  Might just have to order one and find out for myself.  Worst case I suppose I can always return it.   Oh yeah btw Rose you’re a total babe 🙂

RusticB says:

Great review, but you should add some more tags and a longer description!! You could get so many more views..

MayitoTek says:

Hi Rose, nice Review.. I was was checking out this desks online to upgrade from my old one. ! You got a new subscriber here! Great video!

minorka2 says:

no adjustable keyboard tray:(

dlmcduff says:

After doing some research on several sit-to-stand desks, I came across your video review on the SmartDesk and decided to purchase the Autonomous DIY SmartDesk Kit (dual motor) with a 74″ Ikea butcher block countertop. Your sitting on the desk while changing the desk height, convinced me that my 3 monitors and accessories would remain stable and not wobble during any motorized height adjustments. Thanks for the review!

Mary Beth Baumgardner says:

What chair model do you have in the video? Do you like how it pairs with the desk?

Alan Meijer says:

Hi Rose. Thanks for the review. I’m considering getting one. From what I’ve seen in another video, if the “control module” has the letter “S” on the front, it is the model where you have to hold the button down to get it up or down. The newer module has an “M” on it. That is the module that allows you to hit the preset one time to make it adjust.

Michelle Pompier6 says:

You have the most amazing legs!!

Chuanhao Lin says:

Is the desk stable. Does your monitor shakes when you type?

Crusty Tackleford says:

Skip to best part. 2:09

gymkhanadog says:

Now almost 4 months later, do you still have/use the desk? What are your opinions of it after a few months? Still a good buy?

And also, I’m looking at the two motor “business” version like you have; is it relatively wobble/flex-free typing and/or leaning against? I’m a fairly average almost 6′ guy, so having an idea of how much it flexes or wobbles is so important to me.

enkrypt3d says:

great video! Trying to decide on their new chair they’re offering the “ErgoChair”… kind of hesitant since it’s pre-order… anyway thanks!

WeLikeDave says:

Solid review! But what is this artificial intelligence you speak of at the end?

psychosis5354 says:

it came in multiple shipments? How many?

Marvin England says:

my control pad is one touch to adjust to the memorized heights

Jack Rippers says:

i like review & the color.
I hate the mouse pad. (which may allow me to damage the surface with my use)
I hate the hanging cables. (ugly)

Brandon Miller says:

i had this desk too, its really great, and i think its the most affortable standing desk with motor system

Trev H says:

Autonomous is now using this video in facebook video ads with the thumbnail being you sitting on the desk around 2:10. Its an eye-catching thumbnail for sure. I just hope you are getting commission at least because they are cashing in with it.

Uttam Tirunagari says:

So you think there is not need of dual motor at all. Whats the max desk size i can install on it, if i buy the DIY kit?

Michael Seneschal says:

I apologize for this unsolicited advice, I’m not trolling. It’s evident the effort you’re putting into the videos (in a good way) and unfortunately the poor audio makes it hard to watch. You put a lot of time and effort into the videos, and they are great, however all that effort is wasted on poor audio. Any tutorial you watch on YouTube will show cheap audio setups that will add the remaining polish on your videos. Again, I’m not trolling, I’m sure I’m not the first to comment on the audio.

Vance Fernandes says:

There was a desk?

Joe Feser says:

You are killing me using that amazing Beatles book as a high adjustment 🙂

daniel santiago says:

Hi Rose, great work in all your video reviews. Do you see the possibility of using a standard size treadmill with this desk? Enough space when is all the way up?

evans5179 says:

Hi Rose,
In the video, you mention a desk with no motor.  I’ve searched the site for it, but I cannot find it.  Do you happen to have a link?

Marty Mar says:

very gooood

mtm tawfeek says:

Great review
Good luck!

ukrainedude88 says:

Great review. Yes you got Great smooth legs

tempest411 says:

WOOWWW…you’ve got GREAT legs!

Nice job in reviewing the desk, too:)

TalesOfTrueLife says:

Great review!

Brennan Robinson says:

I’ve never even heard of this desk, however, thanks to your review I plan to grab one asap!! Thanks for the great review! You have a new subscriber in me.

Anonymous Maximus says:

replay button > 1:56 )-2:17

Gary Cruz says:

Well done review – this must have been a recommendation because I did a review on a desk.! I didn’t think to test the safety feature on mine. If you don’t mind, I’d suggest to get a Lav or shotgun mike when on camera. Keep up the great videos!

TechFit360 says:

Very Nice Setup! Loving the desk, Great Price!!

O. Ivan says:

good video, your intro is fantastic!!

Efren M says:

Great review! I enjoyed the claim vs performance segment. Thanks for the shout out of the ergonomic cut out, I was on the fence on that feature.

it's Rose says:

I moved from a personal to a brand account on YouTube. In doing so, I lost the hundreds of comments I’ve made since early 2016. I apologize that all the data was lost, but we can start again. Let me know if you have a question, even if it’s a repeat!

Feral Cypher says:

I just wish it had more options. One touch lift, bigger size, etc.

Desmond Cheah says:

i got mine a few weeks ago.. the new design looks even more solid than the one you have. all in all.. worth every penny.

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