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The Tazmanian Devil says:

it took you an hour to do it. it did it in 30 minutes

Luis Covarrubias says:

Hey man, do you mind measuring the distance between the front and back lag at its widest and narrowest point? I want to see if a desktop fits between the legs. Thanks!

hypeR says:

Are all the monitor stands, game stands, etc etc removable? Im a PC gamer, And I prefer my monitor lower, and i also DO NOT use disks (dirty console peasants)
Also, is the desktop carbon? Looks loike it

Adam Mann says:

does it come with power strip?

Danny Chen says:

hey how long is the table alone from left to right? on the site it said 50in but i want to make sure it is 50in without the accessories on the sides

Excalibur says:

is this desk good for pc gaming? For example since we need space for the keyboard and mouse or will it be too close to the monitor?

mark lowe says:

Good review bro, thinking of picking this bad boy up.

Yunior Gamboa says:

thanks for sharing looks pretty handy

Tyler Gaines says:

Will this be steady on carpet? The legs don’t look like they would be.

Igor Jesus says:

thx man, you help me to decide, thx a lot!

Mason Holman says:

Chris thanks for the great review!

Clorox Bleach says:

do you think that I can remove the stand so I can have a tv mounted in the wall!

Clorox Bleach says:

will a ps4 slim fit on the monitor stand?

Cris Bahena says:

You should have made your desk cleaner and fixed the cables before you made the video in my opinion

KBK ✌ says:

I have a question: if u remove all of the useless stuff like speaker stands, cup holder and headset holder will it have more than 120cm width?

Nick Gimena says:

Do you think I could fit 3, 21.5 inch monitors on this desk?

Waldor Sockbat says:

I got this desk. It’s a great buy especially for a dorm room or apartment.

Alex Mathews says:

Can you store a 32 inch tv on that little Stand?

Clorox Bleach says:

Can you get one for ps4?

Chilly says:

Dude sounds like dashie xp

VjOnItGood81 says:

Does it become dusty?

Trap House Boys Productions says:

could I set a 32 inch tv on it

RDT Productions says:

lol my brother got this for me this Christmas he paid 5$ Canadian lol

Igor Jesus says:

thx man, you help me to decide, thx a lot!

Clorox Bleach says:

is this sturdy?

Denspion says:

would this work for a gaming PC? how good would a keyboard and mouse set on the surface there?

Dxrn says:

Can I remove the monitor stand because I want to have space for 2 monitors

thealphaflight2121 says:

I just got mine review

Jim Bellon says:

Why do you have to use profanity in the review? Liked it but was watching with my 9 year old son…

stacy holland says:

Will this hold a 40 inch TV and 2 consoles


It’s fugly

Pablo Oliva says:

Did you forget to use the cable management lol

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