Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro Review

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Payan Neo says:

any chance this could hold a 43 inch 4k TV?

Minsenta says:

How wide is the actual desk space?

stacey herzog says:

I can’t tell in the video, is the top smooth and flat or designed and lifted? thank you.

Ross Kahler says:

is it good with a DX Racer chair?

V A P O R W A V E aka:Regaonmics says:

correct me if I’m wrong but it’s a option to have the TV stand on it right?

Bamz Bamz says:

please answer are the Legs sturdy enough because they don’t look like they are

NoobDeGuerra says:

I know this vid is 1 year old , but if you see this , answer please. Can you move the position of the cup/headphone holder and remove the speaker holders ?

carlos rivera says:

I’ve been looking for many
Reviews over this desk, by far the best one thank you very much! How is the cup holder attached to the desk? Is it screwed in? My biggest issue is that I would like the cup holder on the right side, would that be possible by what you see on your desk?

Tech Phibian says:

how do I remove the stand

Wonder says:

How long did it take to ship to you cause on amazon it says it will take anywhere from 1 to 2 months.

sam watung says:

Are the disc and cup holder and headset holder removable ?

Ajlin Alemic says:

If U bought it off amazon how long did it take it to come in?

The Forgotten Ones says:

Is the monitor stand removable?

Blackbird907 says:

Does the monitor stand move at all? Like could I shift it to the left or right if I wanted to?

Oskar Ekström says:

Do you need to have the monitor riser on the desk??

Pablo Oliva says:

Not worth the Extra 65

Aikable says:

Aye, man, do you mind suggesting some pros and cons to this desk please? Would appreciate it. Nice video.

Hobo Aquatics says:

Can an Xbox One fit under the monitor/TV stand portion?

Arnic Marky says:

Ok… So I know I’m 2 months late, but I just got into gaming. I’ve been looking at this desk and I can’t find dimensions to it, because every one I find has different lengths…Man I’m really confused and I would buy it off of amazon, so are these correct?
– 24.58”D x 51.80”L x 35.80”H

An Hoang says:

Ik this video long time, if you see this please answer, if i buy Gaming desk pro did i have a same thing on video

Ross Kahler says:

nice video man keep it up

Christian Hernandez says:


Lyrith says:

Don’t ever call “beats” headphones again, they are utter garbage

Frank Hernandez says:

can u put speakers attached to the table?

Powerline Rider says:

you put the side things on upside down, they are for speakers

Drift ZaKa says:

You forgot to mention that on top of the disc holders you could put speakers (what it also is supposed to do)

DonutMan 100 says:

The non-pro version is a better deal if you ask me, Amazon sells it for $108 rather than $165 for the pro version.

Zeal Saballa says:

Am I able to take off the shelf (under the table) and replace it with a keyboard tray?

Eli Twoyoungmen says:

How wide is this desk? Would consider throwing my wooden desk in the fire for this

Bosco Sticks says:

You put your console in that thing

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