Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Analysis | Review

My long awaited review for the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk!

If you feel I left anything important out of the video please leave me a comment down below and I’ll try to follow up with any questions I receive on the desk!

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This is not a paid advertisement for the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk. I am in no way affiliated with Arozzi.

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Nemomc says:

U deserve way more subs

De4dByDesi9N says:

Thanks for the video!! I’ve been looking to upgrade my desk now that I have more equipment and this has helped me make a decision on which desk to get!

NightFury NF says:

Yours is the only detailed review on this desk!
Did you find a solution / way to handle the sagging of the cable management net?
For prospective buyers, this desk is available on a community-based website named MassDrop for $279. I’ve provided the link below. You might need to sign up to view it.
Much thanks!

SeanOMatic says:

Lint roller for the surface along with some Febreze will help keep it clean and fresh. Tough to keep it clean.

Isse Isse says:

What monitors do u have?

Scary_aF says:

I don’t know if I missed this in the video or not. Sorry if I did! What’s the mouse pad made of? Is it similar to like the glorious 3xl? I need a new desk and mousepad, and I think this is what I’m going to go with

Bananana Suck says:



thanks bro . i got mine last week now im setting it up . thank u so muck keep it up .

Sir Guppy says:

Thus looks perfect for my setup. just one question. is the mouse pad very squishy, or is it a bit more firm

Christopher Bouchard says:

at 3:40 I saw that your tower is on the ground in a little moveable thing. is there a link about that? what is that?

Psycho says:

Bro I’ve been searching for a good desk for months, many hours of work put into research on cable management, measurements, ect. But I wish I had of found this straight away! Will be purchasing soon! xD Great video, surprised at your sub count you deserve more 😀

Minnie Riley Dot Com says:

Awesome I am looking Arozzi for the desk not sure about their chairs only because I am not feeling their orange color pattern.

UndeadProdigy says:

nice video man


bro i like the desk but im disappointed in the net with cable management i mean its ok but its meh . when i put all my cables under its like the net is falling down . but overall its all good . we have the same desk . cant wait to put another monitor .

Willis Alvey says:

great video dude. ill be looking to get mine next week after this awesome review!
Keep up the good work! Subscriber earned.

Radius740 says:

Ok so after long wating i got my arozzi and this is so freakin nice and mousepad feels good. worth of money :).

David Coutts says:

I’ve been waiting for a good review on this desk because I had no idea how the cable management worked. Great video, subscriber earned, keep making videos.

Isse Isse says:

Im a new subscriber

Isse Isse says:

WHat is the thing that holds up your monitor?

kaleb Johnson says:

I’ll name my kid after you. Great video, really helped me with being on the fence about this desk.

wolfmanking18 says:

lol desk sets flush. you meant level of you were using that tool

Spirit says:

wait so do you have to put that giant mousepad on there or is that just an option to , you don’t have to?

Mustajab Sarwar says:

Thanks this just confirmed my decision on purchasing this.

Tsiro says:

i loved this desk i want it bad nice vid

wii1mii says:

Will it fit 2 full towers in the back, 2x 27″ screens and still have enough space for keyboard and mouse ?

Jeddy the great says:

“i have one screws can not total tight but others works well. Will this become problem in future?looks it is really stable right now


Very nice graphic on table top.

The Headphone Gamer says:

Do you think this would easily fit 2 27 inch curved 4K monitors at ease with a Nintendo switch at the monitors sides? Thx!

BooceBunger says:

hi this is a comment to boost your statistics because you deserve more subs for a high quality video

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