Arozzi Arena and Leggero Gaming Desk Time lapse Build and Review

Arozzi Arena and Leggero Gaming Desk Time lapse Build and Review

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Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk £260.00
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Arozzi Leggero Gaming Desk £219.90
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Check out Arozzi’s website to

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Wolfy says:

Nice vid i will buy it

Nico Lombardi says:

Hey man would you be able to tell me how tall the desk is from the top surface of the desk to floor? Very curious as i’m 5’4′

UglyScorp1on says:

Hey man just to let you know your UK link in the description is broken

PlaineNSimplePanda says:

The Arozzi seems a bit small. (The first one). Will it fit my 27 inch and my Asus Pc on top of it?

Tavis King says:

I am looking at getting the Arozzi leggero desk. Do you think that it could support two 24in monitors on it. Thanks!

Port City Auto Glass says:

where did you get the Arozzi floor mat?

Jonatan says:

is Arozzi Arena worth buying if u have two moniters (27 inch)?

Janier Chipantiza says:

Stop using my drugs!!!!!!

Satan says:

If u see this plz aWnser does the red on the mousepad Feel like a normal mousepad?

UglyScorp1on says:

I just got this today I love it!

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