Apex Desk Electric Standing Desk Review

Link to the desk here: http://amzn.to/1QN3S3z
This is my review of the ApexDesk Electronic Standing Desk. The Apex Desk is great for the price and it is amazing how good their customer service is.

Outro and Intro: Tobu Cloud 9 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KqQQHpQc8w


Robert Kirkpatrick says:

Good video. I went with the evodesk as there was more customization for the desk.

Ray Nferno says:

Thank you bro. You have answered questions I’ve had ever since I’ve heard of the Apex desk

Xeng xiong says:

Is the desk flat all the way around, I want to put a vesa mount on this thing, any idea how it might look?

afmfifgh says:

Really like the SNES controller display – think I might copy it!

2iBMX says:

very helpful, thank you!

Perezident14 says:

THANK YOU. I was hoping this desk would be amazing. I too just started working from home and thought the investment into a sit/stand hybrid desk sounded like a good idea. Are you really happy with your purchase and bold purchase into such a desk?

Elibur Zenos says:

I’m a short dude, 5’8. how low can this desk go ?

Clickbait says:


Zimba's Doom Corner says:

I heard it’s wobbly at the top setting. Is this true?

Karen Thomas says:

great review – was looking at ordering it sight unseen online – and was wondering if it was too good to be true. Sounds awesome.

samuel velzeboer says:


2 Questions if you dont mind?

1.) Hows the strength of the wood? I’m going to be buying this desk for a computer but I’ll be mounting a 20 or so pound monitor to the desk, do you think it’ll support that small clamped weight of the mount? Also I’ll be putting a pretty heavy desktop to the rightmost on the desk, do you think it’ll hold as well?

2.) I see you like the dark walnut, as do I. Are you regretting getting this color are you still pretty satisfied? Does it look high quality, does it blend in during dark nights of being on the computer? I’m slightly leaning towards white as well but I want to hear your thoughts.

Thanks again.

Buttontail says:

great review. love the cute pug in the picture. looks like he/she wants to get on that desk for a ride.

Apollo Tran says:

what color did you get?

TragestyX says:

I really hope your computer is not staying on that carpet though.

Mitchell W says:

If I put my PC on the desk do you think it will handle it? It weighs about 20 lbs.

The Cohesive Garage says:

Great review ! Can I ask you how wobbly the desk is at 30 inches up vs all the way at 50″? Like, does is move when you put your arms on it at all? THANKS!

BeastyGames says:

Great review! Been eyeing this desk for awhile and am relieved to find someone that reviewed it. Thanks!

TragestyX says:

Holy fuck. That is some amazing customer service there!

William Farrell says:

Great video. Really helped me make a decision on my purchase. Thanks!

Austin Robinson says:

Thank you. I wanted to see a video review to see how it looked under an honest light. I think its a great value, and Im gonna buy one tomorrow with some gift cards.
Thank you

Fred Eaton says:

Awesome video. How loud is the desk?

Anonymous Hippo says:

Does this desk wobble when it is at the height of about 41 inches? Can you get a memory controller that will allow the desk to go up and down with a push and release of a button?

raka says:

can you set presets? so when you hit the button it puts it to the height you want without you trying to judge it?

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