Amazon Prime Day Deals 2018 + Standing Desk Review

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Andrew Derthick says:

that music at the desk building brought me back to elementary school music class

Wesly Bien-Aime says:

Hey Asksebby, from one Bostonian to another I love your videos. I’ve made incredible decisions based on your videos. I have a question regarding the AmericanAirlines AAdvantage aviator red MasterCard. It’s $95 annual fee. However, upon opening and using the card in the first 90 days they you get 50,000 miles. I’m planning a trip to the Philippines and was wondering if it makes sense to open the card just to use it for that trip? A FREE trip right! I feel like there is a trap that I’m not aware of. If you could help that would be awesome.

smoothbreeze says:

Thanks for sharing Sebby! I have been wanting to get a standing desk for a while.

Catherine Serio says:

hi, golly gee i tried to use the 3 month, American express card offer. no go as I have been a prime member in the past. stated only for new prime members. i opened a second amazon acct. though, no go, would not allow me to reg. there was a large, red exclamation point indicating is for NEW MEMBERS ONLY. good try. not a winner every time.

David Dorrell says:

Debby is truly a Renaissance Man.

Lalit Devraj says:

Sebby, the daily master of life :))

xx1what says:

Hey, Sebby. Love your content, they are always very accurate and informative.
I recently got approved of my first US credit card: the TD Bank Cash Credit Card, without SSN or ITIN.
(I live in Canada.)
If possible, can you do a review on this card?
I plan to use this as my ‘anchor card’ as you suggested, as it is no annual fee, and 3% on dining is good I think?
Also, what do you suggest my next step would be?
I plan to stay low for 6 months to build some credit, and apply for a second card with bank of America, apparently they also don’t need SSN or ITIN.

Elias Morales says:

You think a lot about desks lol. Thank you reviewing anything at all from Prime Day. Good watch. I needed a cell phone so I have been patiently waiting. I bought the Refurbished Samsung S7 for $220.

Travis Turck says:

Sebby, where did you get the table top for that desk?



cuauhtemoc1989 says:

Love your videos dude but title could have been different.

GRINGO says:

Lmao great episode ❤️

Steven Bell says:

Thank you for the info about the free $10 off at Whole Foods. Will see it if I can make it over tomorrow. Also liked the classical music of while you were building your desk. The video matched the music well.

al4sake says:

3 months for New prime membership

Nathan Nguyen says:

hey sebby, I was on my wells fargo account, and i saw that there’s a new card called the Wells Fargo propel amex card. I was wondering if you could do a video on it. Thanks!

Mike Fiore says:

LOL, building with Sebby!

_aliased says:

2 pizzas? thought you were exercising/dieting.
jk actual smart deal, can’t take advantage in Japan atm.

Maxime Mobayen says:

I found this interesting and funny especially the music when he is building the desk (I love your videos keep it up)

Unleashed Freedom says:

do the prices change at 3pm or something? still showing the $409 for that desk

anon678 says:

more junk from amazon that people don’t need

Brandon Sanchez Rojas says:

I bought a samsung wireless charging stand for 30$ for my new samsung galaxy note9 in august!

EL EL says:

Non electric IKEA adjustable desk 199 or less….
Get the electric adjustable desk frame from alibaba and buy locally you preferred desk counter top

Pete Skeet says:

Go Go Master Builder!

Masika Efuru says:

Great video, thank you

jervez911 says:

Lol. Next new series is going to be How to win life with Sebby

californication1992 says:

In the Hall of the Sebby King

Manolo Noriega says:

Sebby, how many screws left over once you were finished putting the desk together? 😛

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