AKRacing Summit DESK Review – SPORTY or TACKY ?

Today KitGuru Reviewer Storm Stewart takes a look at the new AKRacing Summit Desk – which is being sold on its own, or as part of a bundle with their matching chair at SCAN UK right now. http://bit.ly/2QoEOpD

Read the full review over on www.kitguru.net HERE: COMING SOON!

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Oscar Castillo says:

6:01 Perifreeulz?

Uk Gamer says:

Its curently 225 at scan. I think the money would be best spent at ikea though imho.

Klaus Morgenholz says:

“It would be a two-man job” or a one-woman job apparently!

ajax2061 says:

1 question it ak racin desk so how sturdy is it when using a good force feedback wheel as if no good with vibration and wobbles then dont call it racing. Also would of been nice to see how much space you have with a case monitor keyboard and mouse in place on the desk

Oletta Liano says:

Looks like a strong desk to hide under if there’s an earthquake.

aprisia says:

Enough of this gamer chair and gamer desk crap, in general (not directed at KitGuru). All this stuff is just a lower quality rehash of office equipment done with the aesthetics designed to appeal to an autistic 12-year-old. Every metric that would be needed for the functions one would look for in “gaming furniture” has already been researched, developed and made for the office worker demographic. For the same price as a “gaming chair”, you can buy a used Herman Miller Aeron with replacement mesh. Just like any furniture, you can either buy cheap crap that will last a few years or good stuff that last longer than you. Also, if you want to go the cheap route, this stuff is just horrible when compared to Ikea or other mainstream cheap furniture alternatives.

“But, I want to pretend to be a race car driver… Vroom, vrooom…”, is the only excuse for this trash.

Acorn Electron says:

Not sure when people try to reinvent something as basic as a desk! i.e. the hook for the headphones looks a bit like a toilet roll holder and if it had actual toilet roll on, then i could wipe the dust off my screeen and blow my nose too – a far better implementation for desk peripherals imo!

Spencer Davies says:

249 quid! Jog on!!
Looks a bit tacky to me.. It’s a desk…nothing more nothing less

AMD Red Team says:

The depth of the table at 76cm is good but I wish it was a bit longer, 116cm is quite short if you have a full setup on it i.e rig, Monitor, Keyboard/Mouse, HOTAS, Microphone, Gamepad, If they made it maybe around 160cm I’d buy it.

Stephen Blower says:

The AKRacing Summit DESK is tiny. Looks like it should be in a child’s bedroom.

Burt Macklin says:

Looks like they stole the stickers off my BMX from the early 90’s…

discocrisco says:

This desk would pair well with a race car bed. Clearly designed for the western market by someone who thinks they know more about their target audience than they actually know. Extremely tacky like the Deep Cool “Gamer Storm” branding with their goofy mask logo.

mor7im3r says:

249 pounds for a non-height-adjustable desk is a ripoff.

Il-Sentinela-lI says:

She’s HOT AF! Love the review thou!

Raumarik says:

What a mess of a desk. You aren’t buying premium.. you are buying niche.

GPUabuse says:


Browncoat Blue says:

Really good video again, Storm. However, that price tag… Weew. That’s steep. Looks like it would last, at least.

OneWordTroll says:

One day you will review something worthy of you.

ActionmanZero says:

Yes! Oh how I missed thee!!

Leo Davidson says:

Seems like a lot for quite a small desk, unless you really like the aesthetics. Not that the size is bad; that depends on the space you want to fit it in, but it means less material and it needing less support/engineering. You can add cable management to most desks for next to nothing. I’ve spent almost as much on a desk, but it was a huge 2m wide (and deeper than normal) one. Not sure where the money is going here, unless it’s really, really super sturdy. Sturdiness is admittedly an issue with a lot of desks, at least if you don’t have them against a wall on the back or a side for a bit of support, so maybe this one shows its worth there, but it still seems a lot for the size.

nofreenamestoreg says:

Are you joking, that small desk is with those small nobs on the feet…cost that much. Try putting a tree monitor setup on it. Mine costed 100 euro and is 1.8 meters long by 75 high.

Spuddy L says:

overpriced BS

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