AirSpace Laptop Desk Review As Seen On TV

AirSpcae Adjustable Laptop Desk claims that you can work while standing, sitting or reclining. Its lightweight and folds flat for easy storage. Watch as we put it to the test.

Ninja Foodi

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7heRedBaron says:

I’m not going to be the one to suggest you two need a laptop table the size of a Vegas buffet when you go through the drive through at the fast foods. That came from your end. The quote of the week was, “Are you really going to try to slide that thing over here?” Guys, not a good remark on Valentines Day or a honeymoon. Maybe a Ninja Foodi 7 minute dance workout video. Strike up the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

Miss santos Santos says:

I’ve been very interested in purchasing a food ninja but I think I’ll wait to see a review from you ladies on it first.

Mike of Indy says:

The Ninja kind of looks like R2-D2’s culinary cousin. Thanks for another good video ladies

Stacey Peterson says:

I’m good with a 5 hour review! I love watching you girls do your thing!!

Vickie D says:

I think the fan pulls the heat away from the bottom.

DutchBikeBlogger says:

I always have my Laptop on my lap, works fine for me. I do like the review though from you lovely ladies. Please do more product reviews.

Johnny Bloggs says:

You gals are cool.

7heRedBaron says:

I was tempted to ask about the Ninja Foodi, but that’s going to make you the $200 Cornish Hens. How many weeks do you want to put into this? Maybe you could do one week reviewing other channels that are devoted exclusively to the Foodi instead of redoing what they have already done. I think some of the comments are missing the whole point of this device. When you roast a whole chicken, the cavity traps in much of the moisture and keeps the meat juicy. Under pressure none of the moisture goes anywhere. So you are much better off piecing the chicken or other bird than cooking it whole. After pressure cooking the crisper works better on pieces by browning all sides instead of just the outside. It still doesn’t dry anything out. So please don’t do a whole chicken.

Under pressure, cornbread does much better than anything else I’ve had. Don’t cover it with foil. Anything that drips on the top will dry up when you brown it under the crisper. Omelettes are also incredible under pressure. But the onions and other ingredients give off a lot of moisture that doesn’t dry up. Maybe I should try to brown them slightly under the crisper to dry them up some. Or maybe putting a spoonful of mashed potato flakes in the bottom of the dish to absorb the moisture or a few pieces of pasta mixed into the egg to absorb some. Anyway, those are my thoughts.

Jill Springer Forrest says:

I would like to see how fried chicken and desserts would turn out.

Brenda Carr says:

Try making chicken wings or a cheesecake in the Ninja Foodi.

John Antonicello says:

No you were fine…lol

Angie Mayer says:

I’m like Robin i watch everything on my IPad

Sis M says:

It’s called Origami multi functional laptop table with LED light. From HSN.

Shelley G. says:

Chicken and French fries in the Ninja!!!!

Brenda Gorham says:

How about French fries and fried vegetables

Jon Platz says:

Maybe some hotwings?

ken strampe says:

lets good from start to finish, first off great review, you made me giggle all the way through, now for the Ninja i would like to see how it would work for canning? does it work as a hot bath canner or pressure canner. second: that product wouldnt work for someone who isnt thin as a rail, but someone that carries a wide load i dont think it would work for them, but maybe if you were working the office and you were tired of sitting you could use it to stand and still get your work done. (before anyone jumps me for the wide load commit, i am a wide load myself) third: cool story as to how y’all met. lastly Cathy you are so cute when your frustrated, just slow down a little, we’re not in any hurry. if it still doesnt work just get the BFH that will fix it. oh and one other thing love your color combo in the bedroom, what is the color of your walls?


try cheesecake in the pressure cooker

mjhonold says:

I mostly use the AirSpace in the car!! I put a tray on top of it when I eat!! Great review!!

danish8669 says:

Helloooooooo Ladies!!! I would like to see how wings come out. If I am tight on time I will do them from frozen in my power pressure cooker. Then stick them in an oven to get them crisp. I am wondering if the air fryer will get them crisp in the unit. The air space stand is something I would use. But I rarely use my laptop. It looks like the old school TV trays we had when I was a kid. LoL. Thanks so much for the video. Have a wonderful weekend. Be safe.

Greg Glass says:

i got the $89 version of the ninja air fryer and i love it. and i checked the wal mart app and the airspace laptop is $19.99

petee rodgers says:

hi cathy
I suppose it would test the ninja if you tried to crisp up some bacon and sausages (bratwurst) at the same time !!
having said that I have never known what american biscuits are
coming from london ,so would be nice to know how they are made

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