AFFORDABLE Sit Stand Desk Review! (Autonomous Smart Desk 2)

Today’s video is a quick review of an amazing and AFFORDABLE sit stand desk! Definitely a great selection if you’re searching for the perfect electric desk that doesn’t break the bank.
Check out the desk:
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SmartDesk was designed to make both standing and sitting a natural part of your day. Having a convenient option to stand throughout your work day encourages movement, key to maintaining healthy circulation and focus.

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FTC: This video was NOT paid promotion. All opinions are my own.


LmgZero says:

I am so glad you said your not getting paid for this video i was getting worried with the amount of YouTubers i have seen review this i was starting to not trust the company for mass sponsoring, it worries me for how cheap the desk is it makes me think they are trying to sell a crappy product through youtubers, but I’ve watched you for a while and i want to trust you so i’m going to take the leap and go get that desk like I’ve been thinking about doing

Luke Munnelly says:


ItsBanananas says:

dat fall…. xd

Peter KJ Richter says:

The motor sounds like it was straining xD

Marius Sederevicius says:


BrickStart says:

Man that was a bad fall!

Kamen Matov says:

Early AF

AndiGamerTV says:

nice how Mach whas every fing

Albert Arriola says:

I don’t know average prices for video editing desks but is there a cheaper desk than this if you don’t care for the desk to go up or down? Ideally i’d like it to be around less than 29 inches which is why if i do get this one I may get the 550 business version that drops from 24-28inch range easily.

Connor C says:

Papi yes

Arnaldur palma says:


Ethan Pitzaferro says:

I sprayed Chocolate Milk all over my laptop when that fall occurred haha

Trishan Bux says:


Ethan Pitzaferro says:

More setup nightmare?

John Dizon says:

Bring back the Worst desk set up episode


That fell doe

RoboSquidTV says:

What Mic arm is that??

Luke Munnelly says:


King Crown says:


Jeremy says:

Matt, why do we fall?

Protoscope says:


McNetDeck says:

damnit Jay, look what you started…

Kiyan says:

We need more Setup nightmares!

Shockyy says:

Love the desk but I can really care less about the up and down feature. Any suggestions?

SvenOkonomi says:

You too? These terrible desks have been a youtube plague lately.

BlingBlingMonkey says:

awww that ……………..AWWWWW HE NEEDS SOME MILK

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