£15/$25 Linnmon Office Desk from IKEA Review

Want to improve your Setup on a budget? Check out this £15/$25 Office/Studio Desk.

The IKEA White Linnmon Table and Black Adils Legs
Link to buy, UK: http://bit.ly/2geDl3X US: http://bit.ly/2gYRgKT

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FUTKieran says:

Does anyone think this desk could fit a triple monitor set up?

LeBeautiful says:


Vauc GT says:

What laptop is that on the desk?

warkid973 says:

how long is it from side to side ?

Test t says:

note 4 vs iPhone 7 plus camera test pls

Ken Phillips says:

Visit your next door neighbour. He has a desk from Ikea. The cost is actually £278.92, based on the cost of the kit and an hourly labour rate of £3.29 (OAP) special to put the damn thing together.

SuJu_Mimi says:

i would TT^TT lolz, i love blue

KyKyth says:

“Black and white everything”

like your skin lmao sorry.

Lhyle says:

39 pound now on Ikea site

Josh Rachlis says:

I bought this yesterday (with white legs) for editing on my MacBook and filming videos like this. I haven’t assembled it yet. I’m starting to worry it will wobble. Maybe I should go buy triangle legs. Is anybody using this desk and are you happy?

Chaks Corner says:

Currently setting up my studio as well and great to see this tabletop as one of the options. Looks like nothing can beat the IKEA’s $25 🙂

Dennis Bergkamp says:

Yoooooooo bro get rid of them two fake plants, or at least put it to one side. looks like some garden show with them

Nor Azam says:

i would go for the blue

Karan Choudhary says:

Link Not Working

Arosh Peiris says:

plz do the camera comparison of One plus 3t

rai ZOR says:

looking forward to the speed test of this desk

Omni Zenn says:

So this is the 100×60 variant?

I ordered mine immediately when I saw the price without looking at the size like a dumbass and now I’m worried it might be too small to fit my keyboard, mouse and monitor

Memory Knot says:

This is literally what I needed in my life.

Atharva Patil says:

how to buy India

AwesomeTech says:

This video is 50% jokes and 50% information.

Izaak ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

Can it hold 2x 19″ Monitors, PS4, speakers and a few other things.

Kushal says:

Where are those plants from Saf ? reply would be much appreciated

DavidSaganHD says:

I just found my next desk

Zeteora Clysm says:

Bro what is the model of that laptop ???

VineFine says:

Hi, what kind of laptop do you have?

Prasanth says:

Saf How to buy this Table in India?

King Jae says:

Ikea works wonders

Limitless Tech UK says:

Nice video Saf, this is the same desk I use in my set up and its held up well for a long time 🙂

Jatin Kakkar says:

what are those plants ?? name ? can they survive inside the house ?

UltraAce says:

Would this be able to hold up 2 to 3 24 inch monitors??

Babar MUGHAL says:

2:05 Bob’s your uncle, or Abdul.. hahah ..
Super funny Saf!

Amplexus says:

lmao this cost about 109NZD (63 Pounds) here in NZ.. amazing!!

djender coolergamer says:

Thank YOU sooooooo much I was thinking to get it from the store and I thought ALL youtubers ordered it thank you I live in Canada so it’s very cl se to me I subscribed thank you again

ReKt Slash says:

Would the 150cm desk make much of a difference in size and the amount of stuff you can add to it from this desk?

Nafisa Begum says:

I need a desk to write my essays and revise. Is this desk good for that?
Some reviews kept saying the desk is shaky etc.

Rick Liang says:

got two of these over a year ago, it’s great

GBCAwesome says:

Can you fit a 21.5″ monitor and an average keyboard on it?

Raved Entertainment says:

although in Australia its 50 bucks, you still saved my life, average desk here is 200, crazy, chairs are even more…. i just don’t get aussie pricing… anyways, awesome video 😉

Tim datoolman says:

Heck of a deal.

ItsMeAffe says:

What is that laptop?

KMakProTV says:


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