Xiaomi Yeelight Review – The Coolest Desk Lamp Ever? | 4K

This is my review of the Xiaomi Yeelight: https://goo.gl/SCRxF5

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Make your Very Own Hologram:

The Best Budget Phone Ever:

The Mug that mixes your drink for You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2Ln_vSzicY

Music Credits to Thastor and NCS:

My Filming Gear:
Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH4
Tripod: Velbon DV-7000
Mic: Blue Yeti Pro


Ethan Bridges says:

Thanks for showcasing this its looks awesome! might consider getting it! 🙂

Ali Hashim says:

I like your reviews and htis one was really good. keep it up !

Alex Corfield says:


Niklas Halonen says:

lov ur intro

YaBoyBaylor says:

i like how he didnt give a fuck about cleaning his sink XD

CbadOside says:

Does it have a black light setting? That would be the buying factor for me

Richard Thomas says:

Where can I download the app and can I control it using my kindle tablet?

ImmenseFox says:

I love watching reviews by reviewers who live in the same country as me as when someone reviews and item they bought and the reviewer is in someplace such as USA, they say the item is 40 dollars or such while in UK it will cost a lot more because of tax.

Aside from all this great review of the item and also great channel. Keep on making more quality reviews/videos and impressing me even more 😀

nguyenpt says:

WARNING!!! Xiaomi Yeelight !!!! DO NOT BUY FROM GEARBEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xiaomi Yeelight LED SUCKS!!!!
GEARBEST is selling this product http://www.gearbest.com/smart-lighting/pp_361555.html

THESE LIGHTS DON’T WORK AT ALL. I BOUGHT ALL 6 LIGHTS and spent 4 hours to make them connect to the Android app. I have tried different phones and even IPhone.

I don’t know how the product is rated 4.9 on GEARBEST’s web site. MISLEADING!!!!

DO NOT BUY FROM GEARBEST because they don’t honor warranty. YOU’d pay for shipping their trash back which costs a lot of money. They GIVE YOUR STORE CREDITS back only!


Order Number:WWP1611120532475167

To GearBest, if you don’t stand behind the products, you will soon GO DOWN!!!!!

mr.thirtyfour says:

“just two buttons on the thing, it’s very very minimal”

dude it’s a fucking lamp how many buttons do you need

Monica Baker says:

Awesome review. Lots of my friends have the Lumiy Lightline and Lightblade LED desk lamp. Thoughts?

Akinaro says:

-cant hang on wall(you could buy two or three and make cool light effects)
-no magnet on the bottom(so you can put it other than flat surface)
– its big compared to actual light that it have inside, it could be half of circumference that it have now
-not that cheap if you ask me, if it would have battery… then I would say its good.

You can get separate color LED lighting strips with remote controller for about 10Euro that you can stick anywhere, or for about 30 you can get the same type of night/reading light that instead of BT you would just get remote controller or version with buttons on light that would change
OR you can buy light bulbs that also change colors and give nice bright light. I have in my living room two of this one:

No problem with brightness or connection to phone.

Soma Dokuro says:

Dude your reviews are freaking crazy but in a good way of course cx I would subscribe million times if I could

Matty P123 says:

888 view

Vineeth Puli says:

80k subs..congrats 🙂 🙂

WizzdomHD says:

I’m sad guys plzz help my channel out

Taylor Tech says:

Literally blow my mind? Ok I won’t buy it

Ify c says:

make a review of the jbl go its really awesome

Amber Shen says:

This might sound weird but I love your voice LOL

1lapmagic says:


FherGrac009 says:

Don’t think it could work as a desk lamp, I have it and is very nice for a side bed lamp.

Hazzardie says:

Only £38.33 for the next hour 😀

FlOoPa13 says:

Review gaming monitors

jake wesley says:

piece of shit

ShakSterTV says:


DETahaX says:

does it have a built-in battery?

Thastor says:

<3 nice vid again! :)

Jai Gohil says:

can you tell from where do you get that intro music from

F.T.GPlays says:

wow nice video ! what is the song in your intro its really catchy XD


How long does it run out of energy???

gen_OW says:

it’s pronounced shiaomi ^^

TAQQUK says:

what’s is the name of the theme song when you start

JAY-I says:

That light is so cool!!!I really like your reviews as they are fun to watch!I hope everyone else is having a good day and remember to stay positive!

Tyler Bryant says:

81,000 subscribers!!!!!

Eric Sierra says:

Looks cool but on kipkays chanel he shows you how to make a similar one for only 5$ just saying.

Subscribe to my new channel! - techGSHARK plz says:

What’s the intro song?

arun babu says:

pretty good stuff. But only few use it.

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