The best LED desk lamp? – Taotronics LED Lamp – Review

Feel free to check out this lamp:


Stewart Griffin says:

I have this lamp and it does swivel

Rolando Riggio says:

wait hold up. What is that mount for your macbook?

Katarina Akame says:

does it use light bulbs? you dont need to replace stuff?

highjim says:

reckon this would be bright enough to light a dartboard?

Kyle Ruperto says:

Can you put a link in the description??

sandra franklin says:

the taotronics lamp is $19 bucks now. though i think i wouldn’t pay over $10 for it. i can’t believe i got these for the kids for christmas only to have problems by new years (one is buzzing and other is flicker). serious doubts if this will last more than a 1 years. really really low cost plus. low quality minus.

Jeason Lee says:

This is my aliexpress store, it has many high quality led products.If you need the LED product,you can view it

Fannie Liu says:

LED Desk Lamp and Smartphone Wireless Charging Station 2 in 1, Lighting and Charging Your iPhone Smartphone (White Color, Shipped with Charging Receiver for iPhone)

ncksta says:

What stand is that for your macbook?

KatiushaVN4 says:

Does it beep when you press any button (on/off)?

AriQuinn92 says:

it’s the same as Lampat’s right? I honestly couldn’t find a difference between the two, except the price.

Said A says:

Thanks for the review!

Sean McKenzie-Mardelli says:

Is this the brightest lamp by Taotronics? Any idea how its max brightness compares to Anker Lumos or Saicoo?

Axgio Virtual Reality says:

A good extra light

Sara says:

All this desktop lamps seem so disposable are they? Also read some review of a guy whos taotronic lamp literally burned after 2 years

Vivian Cheng says:

Liked the video !

Deselen LED says:

I found a LED table lamp with two kind of base in the Amazon store (round heavy base and clip: caught in the edge of the table can be fixed without wavering)Its quality is good.

Astronomy For Change says:

Is this good as a video lighting?

Stephanie Valdivieso says:

Where did you get your laptop stand? I want one just like it, its so beautiful <3

PussMag says:

still running Pentium4 ? lol, me too

hopes bugatti says:

Really in the market for a high quality deks lamp.  I would love to see a comparison between these low cost lamps with the ultra premium Dyson LED Desk Lamps and the Lumiy Lightblade 1500S? 

randomrazr says:

Skip to 4:08 if you solely want to see how well it lights 

Wonjun Cho says:

best for what? Best of world for copying and tanking advatage of world? then accepted

May Kai says:

I bought a Taotronics lamp and also a Lumiy Lightblade. I like the Lumiy Lamp a better its made in Korea vs Taotronics in China. The Lumiy lamp is brighter, the materials feel better quality, and all the parts are fitted together much more cleanly. Lumiy is a bit more expensive, but the quality on the lamp is huge.

Amit Sahu says:

How many lumens is that led of ? 230?

burnzy3210 says:

“itself, itself, itself, itself, itself, itself”

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