TaoTronics Elune TT-DL02 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Review

Find it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/VjZnCW
Also on sale here: http://www.taotronics.com/product-deals
Device manual: http://www.taotronics.com/media/downloads/TaoTronics%20TT-DL01,%20TT-DL02%20User%20manual.pdf

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StayyyFrosty says:

What do you do or use to get ur lighting in your room??????

CanadianLoki76 says:

At 530 Lumens max, it technically isn’t all that bright since a normal incandescent 60 Watt light bulb produce 800 Lumens. So this is like a 50 watt bulb.

Wojtek Kiraga says:

Whar a beautiful Shield in the background 🙂

XG C says:

disassemble this kind of lamp, and then you’ll find it’s worth 40 bucks or not. mine doesn’t and i can’t get my 40 back /sad

Stephanie Facca says:

Your original Treadmill Desk video brought me here – you look incredible! Congrats and kudos on the hard work. I’ll recommend your channel to my husband too!

Licanueto says:

So how do we root it?

Steph Fong says:

can you change the light bulb???

levakz says:

holy fuck i have the same picture on the wall right now haha

Mark Wandel says:

Hey Jordan, thanks so much for your in depth review! Very detailed overview of the product. You are awesome.

TheKingPhisher says:

I ordered one of these under the LAMPAT brand and am looking forward to using it. What caught my eye about this light is the very cool design and the different light modes not to mention the high CRI rating. The USB port will be very useful and since I ordered this for use with my “projects desk” the swivel and height adjustability will come handy. The price has decreased to $50 so that was a nice bonus.

Simon Mirfin says:

“buy one for yourself perhaps?” I was going to ask you the same question.

Sean McKenzie-Mardelli says:

Is this the brightest lamp by Taotronics? Is it equivalent to the TT-DL01? Also, any idea how its max brightness compares to Anker Lumos or Saicoo?

Summer Winter says:

What is your video camera ???

Dong Xiao Lei says:

I like it,good

Scott Ostr says:

Wonder if this would help with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Erin Nieno says:

This is of the cheapest LED desk lamps. Cheap in price and quality. Failed in a few months. I bought it because of all the reviews on amazon, but the majority of those are not even verified purchases (people who haven’t really bought them). I would a few dollars more to get a better quality LED lamp

安奈特 says:

Nice Video

Nomad says:

Hey Jordan,
thanks for the thorough review!

PatrickOLDCHANNEL says:

What lights and how many of them did you use to make this video? 
The lighting is perfect!

Lee Lily says:

Elegant led desk lamp! Nice video.

Steven Nguyen says:

Bought one for school studies, thank you for a very detail review on this 🙂
Liked and subscribed

Gordon Bariguye says:

Thanks Jordon for the review. I really wanted to replace my Artemide with this, but it was a bit too plasticly and wasn’t bright enough for me (didn’t light my desk up).   Did the RAV lamp you got any better?  I want a lamp a lamp cheap in price not in quality. 

spllitz says:

Will it blind you?

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