Review: TROND Halo 11W LED Desk Lamp!

This is THE ultimate desk lamp. This is the desk lamp that you have been searching for all your life, and you have finally found it. Once you get your hands on this desk lamp, you will never look at desk lamps the same way.

But seriously, all jokes aside, this desk lamp is a phenomenal desk lamp that packs features that you could have never imagined to be in a desk lamp.

Firstly, a FREAKING USB PORT. This desk lamp features a 5V/1.5A USB port at the back of it, which means that it’ll charge up your smartphones at a slightly faster rate than usual, and your tablets at a slightly slower rate than usual. I wish that the USB port would rather output the optimal current for giving the best charging rate optimized for each device, but that’s not a big problem.

Secondly, an extremely bendable gooseneck. The neck of the desk lamp is EXTREMELY flexible, and it can bend into the most extreme angles. It’s basically like play-doh, except it stays quite stable and fixed in its position, unless a considerable amount of force is applied.

Thirdly, a timer feature. The desk lamp comes with a 30 minute timer, which is activated by holding your finger on the power button of the desk lamp. This means that you can set the timer if you feel sleepy, and the desk lamp will turn off automatically in case you fall asleep and forget to turn it off (happens to me all the time).

On top of all the great features, you get an extremely solid build quality. Thes desk lamp features matte-plastic construction all around, except for the row of touch-sensitive controls. I am a HUGE fan of matte plastic, as it does not draw fingerprints and scratches as easily as shiny plastic. The touch-sensitive controls work very well, and the material choice of shiny plastic is perfect here, as it allows some LEDs to be shown, and the “tapping” of the controls to feel very satisfying. And most importantly, the LEDs can turn from extremely dim to extremely bright – the range is simply amazing.

Overall, I really can’t compliment this desk lamp any more simply in words. You really need to try this desk lamp yourself – it’s an amazing piece of technology, and you won’t regret your purchase.


Carlos Caraccioli says:

Nice review. It would be nice to know if it supports charging larger devices other than phones, like iPads for example. I wonder if the power of the usb output emits enough power.

klytus42 says:

My favorite part: “It’s like Play-Doh, … but it’s not.”

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